Neighbour Aunty Satisfied My Sex Needs In Covid Lockdown

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Hi all, this is my first story on ISS. This was a real-life incident that happened to me in April 2020. The Corona pandemic has been a testing time for all of us. The lockdown made everyone stay at home with the family.

This incident happened to me during this lockdown period. Talking about me, I am 6 ft tall, 27 years of age, a mallu guy brought up in a southern metro city. I am doing my master’s in a reputed college in India. We were told to go home in March due to the ongoing pandemic crisis (it was when the virus was spreading).

I came home in March and my parents went to Kerala and they were staying there for resolving some land-related issues. That was when the first phase of lockdown was announced. This lockdown phase 1 brought severe issues for me, as I was stuck at home and my parents were staying in Kerala and got stuck there.

Coming to the heroine of this story, she was my next-door neighbor aunty. She was in her late 40s, fair, and a bit skinny in her outlook. She had big great boobs with brown nipples. Those boobs could make a man cum hard.

Aunty had been our neighbor for the past 15 years. She was our close family and a good family friend and is known well to my parents.

She had a daughter who was doing her engineering in the same city. Her husband was working in Hyderabad and used to visit her once in two weeks or during the holidays.

So, how it all happened was, as my parents were stuck in Kerala due to the lockdown, they made a call to her and asked to help me out with food and other necessities to which my next-door neighbor aunty agreed. She felt good as it would get her involved in some activities during the lockdown days.

So, initially, she used to prepare food for me and call me, and I used to get it from her and have it in my home. This made her closer to me. She used to do this most of the time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner apart from those days when I used to feast on bread as I was not good at cooking.

This went on for a few days and later she used to call me to her home to have food. As she was our neighbor, I didn’t have to walk or go a long distance. Her door was just 2 meters from mine.

I was happy that she called me as she used to be my dream MILF when I was in my undergrad (during my teen days) when I used to think about her and masturbate.

I started going to her home regularly for my lunch and dinner, and it was then when I got attracted to her. I was fed up with being locked down in my home and was craving for something new. That was when I decided to woo my neighbor aunty to bed.

It was in the mid-week of April. Whenever she called me for having food at her home, I tried to wear tight track pants and visit her so that I can show her my bulge.

Whenever I went to her home, she would make me sit in her living room and have a normal chat regarding things like corona, my studies, or what I did the previous day, etc before proceeding for food. I made sure that I showed her my bulge when I was sitting in the living room.

After two to three days, I caught her looking at my bulge through the corner of my eyes.

When we made eye contact, she used to look somewhere else showing shyness. I considered this as a positive signal. My second move to woo her was that I made sure that I put my soiled plate in her kitchen sink.

I would then have a few words with her in the kitchen after having food. During my time in the kitchen, we touched each other’s hands and elbows.

For the first few instances, I made sure that I apologized to her after touching her so that she doesn’t know my evil intentions. But I didn’t find any hesitation from her side and she was ok with all these.

It was then that I tried to make bolder moves. My heart would be pounding hard and fast when I used to spend time in her kitchen. There were times when I used to rub my hand on her ass and hips while bringing plates and helping out in her kitchen.

There too I saw that there was no hesitation from her and this increased my confidence and my touching also increased. This continued for a few days.

One fine evening, my neighbor aunty called me to say that her kitchen tube light was not working. I thought that this was the time I need to make a bold move.

I decided to wear tight track pants and went to her kitchen. She showed me the light which was not working, I asked her for a stool, as it was beyond my reach. She brought a plastic stool and placed it below the tube-light and I decided to get on it. When I got on the stool, I was wobbling and she told me to hold her hand to get balance.

I held it tight and a sense of current passed from her body to mine. I held her hands tight and we made eye contact. The issue was with the starter of the tube light and I adjusted it so that the light worked fine gain.

After this, my neighbor aunty told me to wait In the living room, as she had made some evening snacks. I was waiting for her and I thought this was the right time to hit on her.

When I was waiting in the living room, I made sure my bulge was visible when sitting.

After a few minutes, she came with some delicacies and sat next to me. She placed the delicacy on the table and kept her hands on the armrest, resting it next to mine as our seats were adjacent. Our elbows were touching each other, but I was confused to read this signal.

To be honest, I was so scared because If I make a wrong move, my milf neighbor would complain to my parents. So to test her intention, I wisely removed my hands to get the snack from the plate and then placed it back on the armrest next to hers. She neither moved her hands nor adjusted them.

These were testing moments for me. I also caught her through the corner of my looking at my bulge.

It was when I did the boldest move of my life. As she was resting her hand next to mine with our elbows touching each other, I used my index finger and rubbed it against her wrist area.

While doing this, she placed her hand a bit closer to mine and I saw this as a signal. I continued with the rubbing of her wrist and after a few seconds, we locked our fingers.

My heart was pounding hard. After that, I completely locked my right to her left one. Now we were sitting like lovers, holding each other’s hands.

I could see her breathing heavily. For the moment, I was keeping her engaged in some talks regarding movies, etc. After locking hands, she started to ask personal questions like, “Do you have a girlfriend?” “Are you in a relationship?” etc.

I told my neighbor aunty that I don’t have a GF, but I was in a relationship with a girl earlier.

During our conversation, I boldly took our locked hands and placed it on my dick over the dress. I could see her breath rate increasing and also shying away from making eye contact! I tried pressing her hand on my dick and I was feeling like heaven!

I then withdrew my hand from her but my neighbor aunty still rested it on my dick. This was the moment I was waiting for in my life. After that, I used my hand to make her hand press my dick hard and I got a massive erection.

I was enjoying the moment and she was pressing my dick over the dress. This momentum was suddenly broken when she got a phone call and she went inside to get her phone.

I followed her and while she was talking on her phone, I came behind her and was rubbing my dick on her ass over her dress. She was wearing a nighty. I was moving up and down rubbing my dick on her ass and I used one of my hands to press her boobs from behind. While pressing her boobs I can see her breathing heavily.

After a few seconds of pressing my neighbor aunty’s boobs, she moved away from me, signaling not now. Again, I went behind her and started to press her ass over her dress with my hands and was massaging it.

When she disconnected the call, I turned her around and kissed her lips hard. We were locking our lips and playing with our tongue. Then I moved her to the bedroom and I made her lie flat on the bed.

I jumped on her and started kissing her lips, neck, and playing with her hair. I lowered my tracks and took my dick out and started shagging it harder.

She was surprised to see my dick. I was so damn horny that I came shagging and my cum fell on the bed. I was a bit embarrassed but I could see her smiling when I came.

Then I unzipped my neighbor aunty’s nighty, opened her cream-colored bra, and started to suck her nipples. I was using my lips to encircle her nipples and playing with it and using my hand to pinch the other nipple.

Her boobs were a bit saggy with bark nipples. The milf aunty’s melons were not that big, but big enough to make a man hard. She got erect nipples by my sucking.

I removed my dress fully and was standing in front of her nude shagging my dick. I regained my erection and asked her, “Shall I insert inside you?” She didn’t say anything and I took it as a ‘yes’.

I hiked her nighty till her hips and brought her to the corner of her bed. I then adjusted her brown panty and inserted my dick inside my neighbor aunty. It was a holy moment. My dick was inside her warm pussy and I can feel her warmth.

I started to pump my married neighbour hard and she started moaning. She was making sexy sounds like, “Aah..uh..Aah..uh..”

After humping the sexy milf for six to seven minutes, I was about to cum and I told her.

She asked me to take it out and cum on her tummy. I took it out and shot a huge load of cum. The power of ejaculation was so strong that my cum reached her face!

I was exhausted and collapsed next to her. Then I started to cuddle her and play with her boobs. After a few minutes, I again regained my erection, and this time I made her sleep upside down.

I started to fuck my neighbor aunty’s ass. I told her to hold her buns and I was rubbing my dick in her ass-crack. It was a heck of a feeling and I pulled her hair to gain rhythm.

After humping her from the back for five minutes, I came and my next load was on her ass crack. Then we cleaned ourselves and she headed for the dinner preparation. She said that it was the best fuck of her life. She told me that her husband didn’t fuck her like this but was only doing it in a missionary pose. She also said that she enjoyed having sex with me.

After having dinner, we had a few more sessions and then I came back home. We also enjoyed it a lot in the final week of lockdown phase 1.

In the next story, I will explain how I seduced my neighbour aunty’s daughter and had a threesome.

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