My husband made me do it! – Part 1

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This story is part of a series:

Hi all. ‘My husband made me do it!’ is a real-life experience of one of my old readers. I have previously written a personal experience of mine. Because of it, I’m lucky enough to come across quite a few interesting people. The reader I’m talking about is one such person.

Let me first introduce her to you all. Yes, it’s a lady. After reading my previous story, she was kind enough to give me feedback. She also expressed her interest in sharing her real-life experience and requested if I can write and submit her story on ISS. I, of course, agreed to it.

From here on, the story will be from her point of view. Also, note that I’m only in charge of writing and editing, every detail of the story is her own experience, and I didn’t take any liberty to modify or change it.

First, let me introduce myself: My name is Anusha. I’m 27 years old IT professional working in Bangalore. I’m 5.4′ tall, slim, fair with black hair and brown eyes. I’m endowed with 34C-28-36.

I am married to a wonderful man, and life has been nothing but perfect for us. He’s understanding, funny, caring, and kind. Oh, have I mentioned that he’s an absolute hottie? He’s 6.1′, well-toned. I mean, what else can a girl ask for, right?

My husband has always been an open-minded and non-judgemental guy, so we share everything. So after a couple of months of our marriage, he asked me if I had been with any guy. My life has been quite dull before my marriage.

Although I had few crushes in my college days, it never went beyond that. So my answer to his question was an obvious no. As most of you must have guessed, there is always a ‘but’ in these situations.

I have one such ‘but’ it’s a secret that I’ve never shared with anyone. Our bond has only grown stronger as our new life progressed.

So one day, I have decided to confess my secret to him.

I told Prabhu (my husband) that I kissed a guy and a little more than that. Also, he’s my brother, Anirudh (cousin brother). He was shocked to hear this. I was sweating and shaking a little bit, afraid that he’d judge me and push me away.

Being the sweetheart that he is, he understood my circumstances and didn’t judge me because of my past. I fell in love even more so after this. I felt even closer to him, and our sex life had become much wilder as a result.

I’m not sure if it’s because of the confession or that I don’t have to feel guilty anymore, but I couldn’t care less. We were having the best time of our life. Sex was only getting better.

My husband is much more imaginative and kinky between the two of us. In these few years, I’ve realized that I enjoy being a sub to Prabhu, and likewise, he relishes the control he has over me. I’m always happy to oblige to his whims.

In 2020 lockdown started. We are both into IT, so it’s all about work from home. Our sexual drive increased as we fucked almost every day. It was all fun at first. But eventually, it started becoming a little boring for both of us.

So one day, Prabhu suggested role-plays. It started with us playing roles such as ex-girlfriend and boyfriend, neighbors, teacher-student. As days go by, things have begun to get a lot kinkier.

We started exploring new role-plays, such as me being the maid and Prabhu as the house owner. I started to enjoy pleasing him and making him crave for me. Every foreplay was different.

So one day, he asked me to pick roles. I thought about it for a couple of minutes. I requested if he can play the role of a young college student, and I’m the neighbor married lady. He was surprised at first, but he got excited as it was one of his fantasies when he was younger.

Oh boy, it was one of the best role plays we have ever done. Prabhu fucked me till I got my knees shaking and love bites all over my boobs and neck. Just as role-plays turned into our new normal, something new happened. It was something I never imagined.

I have work-related calls almost every day in the morning. Although I don’t always lead the meetings, I have to pay attention to it to keep up with the project status.

One day while I was attending a call, Prabhu walked over to me and started kissing my neck. I suddenly gave a low shriek. Thank god that the mic was off at that time.

He didn’t stop because of my sudden cry. He continued kissing my neck as I tried to push him away but failing miserably. I eventually let him do whatever he wanted. Prabhu walked behind my back. As I sat on my work chair, he put his hands on my shoulders and massaging gently. It relaxed me.

As I was enjoying his gentle massage, I felt his hands move down slowly into my tee. He started pressing my boobs over my bra at the same time he started kissing my neck. It was very arousing for me. I involuntarily closed my eyes and leaned back on the chair while he worked his magic on me.

A couple of minutes into it, his hands are in my bra, kneading my boobs. And his lips moving between my neck and my ears. Involuntarily I spread my legs, one hand playing with his hair and my other hand on my pussy. I started touching myself over my shorts.

Noticing my actions, my husband pushed down my tee and pulled out both of my boobs. He started pinching my right nipple while squeezing the other. By this point, I’m super wet down south. I slid my hand inside my shorts, touching myself.

For a moment, I forgot I was on a call, and by the time I realized it, we both were deep into the act. A weird feeling hit me at that moment. I’m on a call with more than 5 people. They are oblivious to the fact that I’m half-naked with my tits out and my hand on my pussy. My husband is kissing me right from behind.

It was a weird feeling, but I somehow seem affected, making me even more turned on. I started rubbing my pussy faster. Noticing this, my husband pulled the chair back a little, moved in front of me. He went down on his knees and started sucking my boobs.

All this time, Prabhu never tried to touch my pussy as if he agreed to let me play by myself while he took care of the upper half of my body. It was such a stimulating zone. Too many things are happening. Yet, I didn’t feel anything disharmonious. I felt this is new and stimulating.

In no time, I was on the verge of orgasm. At this moment, my husband held both of my boobs and squeezed them hard. His lips on my neck, switching between kissing and biting. I couldn’t stop myself from letting out a moan while I orgasmed heavily.

Before I ruminate over this new experience, I heard my name being called. My husband likewise heard it too. He kissed me and whispered how hot that was before walking away. I was in complete agreement with that. It was too hot.

After that incident, I began craving this kind of stimuli. I wanted revenge on my husband for putting me in that situation. So one day, he was on a call with his manager. I walked to him, signaled him to stand up. He was uncertain of my motives but eventually did as I requested.

In the next moment, I was on my knees, pulling out his dick. When I looked up, I saw Prabhu with his mouth agape and his eyes wide. I was satisfied with his reaction. Not taking my eyes away from his, I started sucking his dick.

Probably because of my actions, he got hard quickly. I can feel it in my mouth, his dick growing harder by the second. Prabhu moved one of his hands on my hair and pushed me to take his dick deeper into my mouth. It reached the point of him fucking my mouth.

He was only using sounds to agree with his manager on call. He was handling it much better than I did. If it wasn’t because my call was on mute, most of my colleagues must have already understood what I was doing. I wanted to embarrass him, so I pulled my boobs out while still sucking his dick.

I started playing with my boobs, squeezing them, pinching my nipples while at the same time being mouth fucked by my husband. He couldn’t take it anymore of my provocations. He pulled his dick out from my mouth with a low grunt. He cum on my face.

I never let him cum on my face. I was surprised by how much I’ve changed in the few days of lockdown. Never in my dreams would I have imagined myself like this.

“I never thought you’d become this slutty,” Prabhu said after he cut the call.

I looked straight into his eyes, my thoughts a mess. We never used dirty talk during sex as I felt it was degrading. Prabhu also never insisted on it not to hurt me. But now, when he used the word slutty it somehow didn’t make me feel upset. On the contrary, it turned me on.

Have I really become like a slut? Thinking back to all the things we did during the lockdown made me confirm it. Suddenly a smile bloomed on my face.

Looking at Prabhu, I said with a teasing voice: “Yes, I’m pretty surprised by myself. Well, I guess I really am a slut. YOUR SLUT.”

Prabhu was taken aback for a second before smiling and help me stand up, cleaned my lips off of his cum, and gave me a deep kiss.

“You are MY SLUT.” he said while he spanked my ass.

After these recent incidents, I realized how much I love this man. I am willing to do anything to make him happy. I also came to a new realization that I love teasing him and make him crave for me.

Thank you guys for taking your time and reading this far.  Please send me feedback to [email protected] I would love to know if I can make it better for you guys.

I wanted to have a better understanding of how you guys would like it. Should I continue at this pace with more story building and more details or, should I fasten it up? I’ll publish the next part of the story according to the feedback. Thank you again for taking your time and reading.

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