Laundry Room Affair – Part 2

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This story is part of a series:

It was almost a year since I’d seen her. She looked sexy in a tight black skirt and sky blue shirt. Big hazel eyes behind cat eyeglasses. Bra strap length hair in layers.

I was putting one week’s worth of clothes in the washer when she came in. Instantly recognizing the sweet smell, I turned to see her. She was none other than Manvi. She had long hair, but it was unmistakably her.

I’d completely forgotten about her after moving to the east coast. She’d lost a couple of pounds and taken out the nose ring since we met last year. Yet, she exuded the same sexy aura as before. She saw me at the exact moment and greeted me:

Manvi: Hello stranger!

KK: I can explain…

Manvi:  Says the guy who disappeared.

KK: How exactly was I supposed to inform you? Without a phone number even.

The point was made, plus she didn’t look upset because she had asked for this. I pulled her into the innermost laundry room to have a more intimate conversation.

Her arms were silky smooth like she’d waxed them recently. She felt surprisingly light sitting on my leg, with 4-inch heels, that made her look almost as tall as me.

KK: What’s with the oversized eyeglasses?

Manvi: Don’t they look sexy? To correct axis difference.

She had completely shaved her brows beyond the irises and redrawn them with an eyebrow pencil. Her sideburns were unnaturally straight, like they’d been trimmed. The neck had stray hair, though, and I remembered trimming it last year.

Our kiss happened on its own. Her chiseled features and picture-perfect body ensured that I was hard in no time. She had retainers in her belly button and second earlobe piercings.

She rubbed her soft palm on my crotch to confirm my erection and asked me to insert it. I explained to her that people might come there and the sauna, as it was still warm. Plus, I had something in mind. Without asking, I took her to the underground barbershop.

We were in luck – the girl barber was in. She’d just finished someone’s haircut and was sweeping up. Without wasting any time, I explained what I wanted. She asked Manvi to take a seat in the big barber’s chair.

She made a triangular section on Manvi’s crown, from the corner of one eyebrow to the other corner of the other eyebrow. Then she cut Manvi’s bangs above her eyebrows with a trimmer.

Then shaved the baby hair on her neck with the same trimmer turned down. As soon as the barbette dusted her, Manvi took off the cape and got down. I paid the barbette and adjusted Manvi’s eyewear over her sharp nose.

In the elevator going up to the 10th floor, we were in an inseparable embrace. Manvi had nothing to worry about as no one knew her in this building. On reaching my floor, we quickly entered and took off our clothes.

I slapped Manvi’s bottom hard to make it red. Manvi shrieked with pleasure and started sucking my cock. I put two fingers into her shaved slit. She was dripping wet.

I noticed she had new tattoos – a ring on her left forearm, under her elbow, and an arrow behind her right arm, close to the right shoulder blade. She’d used the winter months to get inked.

KK: It’s a wonder that you didn’t grow cobwebs in your pussy.

Manvi: You forget I have a husband.

Entering her, I wished to last at least 5 minutes the first time. I was super excited, and I hadn’t seen (let alone met) any chick as hot as her in the past year. As if reading my mind, she said:

Manvi: It’s ok if you jizz early. Hubby comes at 6, remember.

KK: Hmmm. Love me.

I started cumming as soon as she said the words. Sometime during our lovemaking, I bit her on the neck. It was apparent from the hickey on her collarbone.

When the jerking stopped, I asked her if she’d like me to drain her jugs. She said that I could try. I put my mouth to her right breast but soon realized that she had stopped producing milk. She directed my head to the other side, and I obliged.

Manvi took a shower and combed her thick hair. It was as if the blunt bangs didn’t make her hair volume thin at all. A Golden stripe that once ran from front to back was now part of the bangs in front.

She came back at 11 pm after her husband had slept. I inquired if he’d banged her. She had asked him to dry hump her, citing periods as the reason. I played with Manvi’s thick hair, trying to hold it back like her banana clip.

Our foreplay lasted almost one hour before we decided to fuck. She came this time, evident from her rolling eyelids and clutching my shoulder in ecstasy. She kissed me ‘good night’ and left before midnight.

At 4 pm the next day, my cellphone pinged:

Manvi: Are you at home?

KK: Yes.

Manvi: Can you come to the Laundry room?

KK: See you in a bit.

Her shift was 8-4, while I was working from home till summer. I wrapped up and signed out early to meet her. After a good night’s sleep, I was ready for some action. She was in a pencil skirt with a white shirt and a brown merino sweater.

I caressed her round ass while hugging her and pinched it lightly. “Ouch!” She said in mock anger. “Take your clothes from the dryer,” she instructed and walked out fast. We had left our Laundry overnight in the machines. She was in the barbershop by the time I caught up.

Seeing the old barber, I took a seat as if I didn’t know Manvi. Without looking at me, she told him to even out the bangs and trim her hair to remove split ends.

He used a round brush and narrow ceramic tongs (specifically used for short hair) to smoothen Manvi’s hair. Then he used sharp scissors to trim her bangs and blunt-cut hair.

All this while I struggled to hide the tent in my pants. He looked at me and spoke, “This might take a while.” I knew he wanted to go for a smoke break after doing Manvi’s haircut. “I’ll be back,” I mumbled and went up to my flat.

As soon as I was done hanging my clothes in the closet, she knocked on the door. My princess stood in front of me. She peeled the netted stockings from her creamy thighs. I couldn’t wait any longer and folded up her skirt, pulling her panty to the knees in the same motion.

She thrust her tongue into my mouth and opened my belt. Pulling down my pants, I pierced her slit with my boner like a hot knife through butter. She gasped and left her stilettos on the floor before wrapping her legs around my torso.

I pulled her thick hair back to kiss her cleavage and planted a kiss on her slutty lips. She smiled with her neatly lined and shining teeth. All this happened within the span of a few seconds.

It was time to have raw sex. I fell on the bed with her. After what seemed like an eternity, I felt the pressure building up in my ballsac. She closed her eyes and climaxed. I stopped pumping and placed my cock between her melons.

Soon enough, my cock shot cumshots on her face. She didn’t get a chance to catch my semen with her mouth but licked it clean with her tongue. After milking my shaft of the last few drops of cum, Manvi lowered her skirt to go home. I checked the time. It was almost 6 pm. There was one thing I had to ask:

KK: What about the love bite mark on your collarbone?

Manvi: Nothing bb cream can’t take care of.

Satisfied, I held her jaw and kissed her on the lips. As she picked up her basket and left, I called out behind her:

KK: Love you, my sugar babe.

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