Fucked My Neighbor For Favors

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Hey all, this is Karishma Singh back with another of my stories after so long. I got many emails asking me when I would be posting my next story. So, I decided to drop one today. This experience took place after I got married. So, let’s get into the story about my neighbor.

There would be a small gathering at my house for a few days and the guests staying in our house. Everyone had their own car and wanted a parking space. So, I decided to ask my neighbors. First, I went to my neighbor Zachary.

Since he was next door, I went to him first. I was wearing a translucent white shirt (3 buttons unbuttoned). My pink bra was visible. And, I wore a tight black leather skirt (without a panty). My ass was begging to be let out (my size is 38 24 37) with cowboy boots.

When I knocked on his door, I was not planning to fuck him. I just went to ask for neighborly help. He always fucked me with his eyes when we crossed each other in hallways. So when I knocked on his door, he obviously invited me in. I went in.

He was locking the door while I took my free hair and wore it like a bun since it was very hot. I did not know that my bra was unhooked. Most of the time happens coz of my huge milky boobs. I don’t even notice it. When he turned, I was facing the other side.

He slowly walked and came behind me. I could feel his hot breath on my neck. I did not move. He placed his fingers in the unhooked area in my back. His whole body was against me. I could feel his abs and his dick through my leather skirt.

Then he slowly whispered in my ear that my bra was unhooked. My eyes were widened in shock. I took my hands to the back to check it. Our fingers slightly brushed. I felt a jolt of electricity pass through me. I started sweating, and my full body was covered in sweat.

I quickly moved away from him and turned to face him. My shirt was just sticking to my body because of sweating, making my boobs even more obvious. His eyes roamed from my lips to my boobs to my pussy. It was as if he was eye-fucking me again and again.

I felt naked and tightly pressed both my arms against my boobs when my fourth button broke from my shirt flew and him in chest opening my shirt even more. Now, I felt my bra lose. If I did any movement, it would just expose my whitely perfect shaped melons.

I began to sweat even more, afraid of exposing myself even more. A sweat bead formed on my forehead traveled to my lips. It passed through my neck and fell inside my bra. I saw him taking a gulp when he saw the sweat going inside my bra to the dark.

He kept staring at my boobs. I called him out by his name and brought him back to his senses. He bent down and took my button, and walked towards me. He came and stood so close to me that my boobs were getting squashed against his chest.

Then he took the button and dropped it in my bra hole, saying, “I believe it’s yours.” My button fell through my unhooked bra and landed in my freshly pierced belly button. He then moved away from me. He pointed at his couch, saying that I should sit on it while he went inside.

My entire body was sweaty, my thighs were even more sweaty from all the sexual tension and the leather. I inserted my hand inside my skirt and rubbed my sweaty thigh while waiting for him in the living room. He came after a few minutes and brought a towel with him.

I asked him what it was for. He said it was for my sweet sweaty body. I took the towel from him and rubbed myself with it. When I lifted my hands a little, I felt cold air striking my nipples. That’s when I saw my nipples were peeking out from my unhooked bra.

I quickly brought my arms down and covered my boobs with the towel. I brought his attention back to my face. We talked for a while, and I forgot why I came to him in the first place, and we decided to take a walk. Our parking was a bit far from our houses.

Only while taking a walk through the parking lot I remembered everything. We walked to his parking lot, and he asked whether I wanted to go on a drive with him. I leaned against his car in a sexy way. I asked him if he would lend me his parking spot for a few days if I went on a drive with him.

The look on his face changed from list to deep dark desire. He lifted me up and made me sit on top of his car. And, then he separated my legs and stood between them. I began to get sweaty again. He then gently whispered in my ear, “I would give anything for that jiggling jugs and that tight ass.”

He bit the bottom of my ear. I bit my lower lip from letting out a moan. Without another word, he removed all my clothes except my cowboy boots, making me naked in the open. This was the first time I was completely naked in the open during daylight. The fear of getting caught made me even hornier.

I laid on top of his car, and he got on top of me and began to ravish my beautiful milky boobs. He was squeezing, biting, spitting, and spanking both of them. I moaned in pain and pleasure. When he was done with my boobs, my nipples were swollen as hell.

It pained to even touch them while my pussy was oozing with my overflowing juices. We then changed places. He sat down, and I sat on his face. My asshole was touching his nose while my pussy was directly on top of his mouth. He began to drink all my juices while my neighbor was erotically fingering my asshole.

I was in the seventh heaven, and my body shook in pleasure. I cummed hard. My cum was all over his face and his T-shirt. We then got into his car and did the 69 position. I took his dick from his trousers and began to stroke it while he began to lick my clit.

We both were teasing each other, and we both cummed. Now his t-shirt was completely drenched in my juices. He removed it and got undressed completely. He sat at the end of his car seat, and I got on my knees. I took his enormous dick inside my mouth completely as I am used to huge dicks by now.

I sucked his dick and his balls hard as if it was a yummy dish. He got a boner in no time. Then he made me lie on the road and positioned himself near my pussy. He fucked my brains out. He was sucking my boobs and biting my nipples while fucking my pussy. I was pulling his hair and scratching his back with my nails in pleasure.

Then he cummed. I took his entire load in my mouth. He laid on the road while I got on top of him and held his dick against my clit, and began to rub it slowly. My pussy got so wet that his entire dick was covered with my juices. Even he got rock hard just by seeing my action.

He dragged me below him and made me lie on my stomach. He then separated my ass cheeks and spit in my asshole, and began to lick it and finger it. I was moaning loudly in pleasure. Without giving any notice, he entered his enormous dick inside my asshole.

At first, I screamed in pain, and it slowly turned into pleasure. He was spanking and scratching my ass red and pulling my hair hard. After some time, he released his entire load inside my ass. He had released so much cum that it was overflowing from my ass.

We laid on the road for a few minutes and got into his car. She banged hard a few more times until we both were trembling and decided to go home. He took all my clothes with him and gave me only his T-shirt to wear, filled with my cum.

I walked home that evening wearing just my cum filled shirt and cowboy boots, exposing my huge ass and my pussy. The entire walk, I tried to cover my ass and pussy by pulling the T-shirt down. But it was of no use. Both my ass and pussy were wide on display.

Two-Three people even grabbed my ass from behind. But I didn’t mind because I just had the best fuck of my life.

Well, that is the end of today’s experience. I hope you all liked it and hope I made every dick hard and every pussy wet. If you have any suggestions or remarks, you can email me.

My email id is [email protected]

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