Convinced Buxom Neighbour That Fat Girls Are Sexy

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Great stories rarely become a reality, but some realities make great stories. This is one of those stories.

This is about the fling I had with a young lady in her 20s from our apartments. I always ignored her whenever we ran into each other in the building, so did she.

She usually takes a walk in the building with her mom or other family members, dressed in a nighty.

She is not a head-turning beauty and looks overweight in those nighties. But, I used to see her every day either alone or with her family, religiously doing her walking rounds. They do not regularly walk with her but give her company now and then.

I realized that she is insecure about her body image, and her family is feeding this insecurity.

Days passed, and it became a regular habit of ignoring each other whenever we passed by. But, one day she changed her wardrobe and started wearing a new set of nightwear.

She wore a t-shirt and tight night pants while she was walking, and I couldn’t stop myself from breaking our tradition. I turned and looked at her. I broke my routine, but she did not notice.

She was around 5’ 5” and looked like a Latina with a really round ass and fat thighs. She had the shape of Kim Kardashian. I cursed myself for not paying attention all these days.

The nighties were un-sexy but still could’ve given me hints of her shape, but I never stared long enough to notice. I couldn’t resist an opportunity to get closer to that ass and thought I should give a shot at befriending her and trying my luck.

The next day, I smiled at her and said something like, I am impressed with her health consciousness and tried to make small talk.

She responded courteously and respectfully, as I never made her uncomfortable or gave off any hints of flirting in our daily encounters.

I started doing these small talks with her family as well but always kept the conversations short so as not to betray my “reserved” image. I still do not know any details of them, not even their names.

One day, I told her that instead of walking, she should climb up and down the stairs. I explained to her that it was a better exercise, and she will also like some change in the routine.

She liked the idea, and I told her that I would join her as I was bored as well. Whenever I get the opportunity, I would let her climb the stairs before me, and I would gladly watch that ass jiggle.

Their family started to include the stairs in their daily routine, and I would join her now and then when she is alone. I wouldn’t talk much and always was reserved. I never crossed any boundaries and remained as a casual neighbor. The lady is from a regular middle-class household that is very averse to any deviation from family values.

I believed that I shouldn’t push my luck and was in no hurry to make her body mine. I knew that if I could succeed, it will take me a lot of time and that I have to make her take baby steps in this direction.

Moreover, these steps should feel natural for her, and she should take these steps on her own will.I kept praising her for the routine.

I once praised her for keeping herself in such good shape religiously, adding something like it’s great that they have this discipline in their family. But, the conversation that followed gave me confirmation that she has issues with her body image. However, I kept insisting that she was unnecessarily worrying about her weight.

I tried explaining that having some fat in the human body is desirable. Moreover, the fitness of the body doesn’t always depend on how heavy it is.

This conversation planted a seed in her mind that her body could be fine all along, and she is now confused. But, she was not completely convinced, and this topic came up a couple of times after this conversation.

I realized that she is interested in this topic. I tried providing solid grounds for my arguments as much as possible but still held myself from giving out that round girls are sexy, and men drool over their hot bodies.

But, I intentionally acted impatiently in one of those conversations and told her she is round, not fat. She said it’s the same thing.

Then I told her being round is a dream of any girl but being fat isn’t. She still did not understand the difference.

Then I pulled out my phone and searched a few pics on Google. I tried to make her understand the difference between round, fat, and thin. During these conversations, she realized that I like her shape. It was not intentional, but I explained that round women are good-looking, and it must’ve made her realize that.

Her behavior with me around has changed. I acted normal and my liking her shape was nothing to hide and was not at all embarrassed. She realized that there is no need to behave differently around me after a few days of embarrassed looks.

My confidence helped ease the situation. She started being friendlier with me. I can sense the feeling of mutual trust and respect, but there was some budding lust. This was a crucial period. I was able to alter the course of the relationship without her knowing it.

While she was busy worrying about her looks, I was able to express my appreciation of her body without any element of flirting.

Normally these girls will have a guard against flirts, and they will distance those men they see as flirts. Moreover, the situation kind of seemed as if she forcefully made me say things. Things that I would not normally say.

I made her think she was in control. We now know each other’s names and phone numbers. We used to chat on and off on the phone, sat together on the stairs when bored a few times, etc. It must’ve been a couple of weeks since the fat v/s round argument. And now, I could sense a sexual tension between us, both of us are aware of it.

I realized that it’s time to take it a step further and take control into my hands. I became bolder with my eyes. I never looked at her body directly in the guise of being courteous. But, now I started showing my lusty side as well.

I started testing out how far I could go with my stares. I noticed no hesitation from her side against the stares. She was already waiting for me to take a step and she seemed glad that I finally was.

That day, our eyes, smiles, and body language did all the talking for us. I grabbed her hand, took her to the topmost floor. The terrace is off-limits. The farthest we could go is to the terrace gate via a flight of stairs between the terrace and the top floor. The lights on this flight of stairs between the top floor and terraces are always off.

I kept pulling her to these dark stairs and she came along, with a smile in her eyes. Our hearts were racing, I put her against a wall in a dark corner and our bodies got closer. My hands started moving close to her hips and my lips were aiming at hers. Once my lips were in reach she came forward and touched hers to mine.

I am usually very calculated with my foreplay. I always pace myself but, not this time. The build-up of the lust for her I had for all these weeks overtook my calm mind.

I was ravaging her body, squeezing her ass, sticking my tongue into her mouth, and suffocating her by pinning her body to the wall while crushing her boobs with my chest. She reciprocated.

She enjoyed the fact that she can bring out a beast hidden in a calm and respectful man. She was adding fuel to the fire by throwing her body at me. She did not say it out loud, but we both knew her body was mine to enjoy at that moment. I turned her around and started rubbing my erect dick in my pants on her ass.

The last time I noticed my dick, it was semi-erect and we were still downstairs with lusty eyes and I was about to grab her hand. I squeezed her boobs mercilessly from behind, They were big, handful, and would be a highlight by themselves on any normal woman, but in her case, the heavenly large ass overshadows them.

After a few moments, I started to regain my control, even though I could’ve pulled open her clothes, I did not. I started playing with her nipples over her t-shirt and night bra. I slowed down my kisses on her neck and cheeks, and started using my tongue and teeth on her neck, and gradually bit her ears.

She realized that I am controlling her body and teasing her. She wanted me to lose control again. She turned around, put her hands in my hair, and started to kiss me very passionately.

I am using my hands on her ass, hips, boobs, and enjoying the touch of her body to my heart’s content. It did not take much time for her to lose control. She realized that, and she is okay with me leading the act, and allowed me to dominate her. The next few minutes it was me making sure that she was dripping with juices in her pants.

I slowed down and sped up the foreplay on my own terms. I poked her ass and groin with my dick under the pants all the time. This kept her excited.

Even though I haven’t even seen the skin, not even the cleavage, I have very intimate knowledge of her boobs, ass, and her body.

I had hints of her vaginal juices overflowing with the whiffs of strong smell I got now and then. For any couple, the first foreplay is the best and the excitement you have can never be recreated.

I thoroughly made sure that everything was slow, smooth, and memorable. I wanted this to be her best experience ever.

By this time, she kind of knew that sex is not new to me. I can see that she no longer sees me as a calm respectful guy. Her eyes tell me that she found out that I am very lustful and that she uncovered a dirty secret of mine.

I did not shy away. I wanted her to see the lusty beast in me. I locked eyes and intentionally squeezed, spanked, pinched, and crushed her body as if I own her.

I wanted to make sure that she does not doubt that I want to dominate her and do things to her body as I please. It worked. She understood the point I was trying to make and withdrew from the staring contest.

She turned her face away and was about to run away and get free from me. I let her body free but held her hand and did not let her run away.

She could now see my raging dick under my pants whenever she dropped her gaze. I told her she should be nice and return the favor by playing with my body, she should please me the same way I did.

She said she should get back and her family might come out looking for her. I said it’s unfair that she leaves me in this condition pointing at my erection.

She said she is sorry and she has to go. I pulled her back into my hands and said I can’t stop now. I told her that I am in mad lust and she will not be allowed to leave.

I asked her to hold my dick to see how badly I am suffering from the erection. I put her hand in my pants and she kind of shyly and hesitantly accepted the situation.

I guided her to stroke the hot rod up and down. She could see how she could control me by holding my dick. She tried squeezing me with different pressures and pumping my shaft at different speeds.

She is at least new to this if it was not her first time. I pulled my pants to my knees and asked her to keep playing with me. I no longer have to hold her and make her touch the dick.

I took the opportunity to grab her body. We were facing the terrace gate and she kept pumping me while I played with her body.

At this moment we both realized that we both are losing control, and we both are enjoying making others lose control. This made me explode. I came over the gate and had a violent orgasm.

She saw a man have an orgasm and shake from the intense pleasure it brings to him, for the first time. I could see that she is very proud and was teasingly laughing at the face I made during my orgasm.

She kept stroking me for a while after my orgasm and the shaft is no longer diamond-hard and has long stopped pulsating from the orgasm but, I could feel a lingering pleasure in my dick when she stroked.

She moved away from me, whispered bye with a smile, and started running away. We both knew that there is more to come, heck we both wanted there to be more.

It was evident in the way we stared at each other while she was running down the stairs. I said nothing, just grinned and waved back.


There is more to come.

I have been a regular visitor to the ISS since my teenage years. I loved fantasizing about myself in the wonderful stories that other authors write here.

I was a shy boy with a dirty mind. I am now a grown man with many facets of personality and the ISS stories from my hormone-filled teenage years are still a part of me.

The wild fantasies in the stories gave me ideas and courage to try something out in the real world. Although most of my attempts either backfired in the worst case or failed to deliver any sexual outcome, in the best case.

I started to learn how to deal with people. I started to enjoy the high I get when I try to get sexual outcomes in impossible situations, even when I fail.

Through the sheer chance of luck, sometimes my gambles worked and the sexual pleasure I had while living through those moments is indescribable.

I was able to achieve great sexual satisfaction in my life because of the ISS stories in my teenage and my mad desiĚŁre to live them.

I am convinced that I have enough experiences to put out some lessons from my life so that others will also get inspired to make their fantasies true.

Unfortunately, these are not as fantastic as other fantasy writers would write. I wish to keep the tone and pace very conservative here.

I enjoy the “mass” stories and fantasies of other writers, I might give it a try at some point in time. Please feel free to connect to me at [email protected]

I love talking to buddies about all things sexual, please do not hesitate to make contact if you are interested. I do not mind which gender you are, I just love the conversations.

If you are a Hyderabadi or a Telugu, I am in for nonsexual conversations as well.

What did you think of this story??


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