Dream Sex With Sonal – Part 6 (Sex While On Call)

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This story is part of a series:

We got up from the bathtub after a good couple of hours. We both had a nice shower, scrubbing each other of our cum and sweat-soaked bodies. Sonal covered herself in an extra-large towel.

I could just see the top of her boobs poking out. It’s interesting how Sonal looks even sexier semi-naked. I couldn’t take my eyes away from her.

Sonal: What are you looking at so intensely? Find anything interesting?

Me: Yes, everything about you is interesting.

Sonal: Why do I get the feeling you are fucking me with your stare?

Me: Oh! You can really read my mind well. (I smiled)

Sonal: I just remembered I have to call my room-mate. She must be worried sick.

She took her phone out of her bag and sat on the bed.

Me: I never asked you if your friend knows about us.

Sonal: She does a little, just that we are friends and all.

Me: Hmmm, ok.

Sonal: One time, I think she heard me moan while we were on the phone.

Me: Interesting.

Sonal: She asked me if I was ok. Luckily my door was locked. Else she would have seen me fingering myself. (she laughed)

She dialed her friend and started talking.

Sonal: Hey, I am so sorry my phone ran out of juice… Nah, everything is ok.

I started rubbing Sonal’s milky thighs and gradually slid up. She wasn’t paying much attention, not now atleast. I pushed further up and touched her vagina with my fingers. I spat on my middle finger and inserted it a bit inside her. Sonal looked at me, a bit perplexed.

I moved my other hand to her boobs under the towel and started fondling them gently. Sonal held the mouthpiece of her cell and whispered, “Stop it, Jaan.” I looked straight into her eyes and inserted my finger fully inside her vagina. “Aah,” moaned Sonal.

I started to finger her nicely, probing deeper, rotating my finger inside.

Sonal: Yes. Hmm… really… how did it go?

She continued with her talk. I made Sonal lie down on the bed and opened the towel wide, revealing her juicy pink pussy. I crawled down there – my mouth right in front of her vagina. I started licking her clitoris while I fingered her vagina.

Sonal was becoming breathless now and completely helpless. She barely managed to respond to her friend, who had become a bit chattier now.

Sonal: No…I am just lying on the bed. Yeah. It’s fine.

She put her hand on her mouth to stifle the moans. I continued to eat her pussy. I pulled her pussy lips to the side and inserted my tongue inside, licking, slurping her juices.

Sonal: “Oh, aah!” she moaned.

I inserted my index finger on her vagina again while I continued to chew her clitoris and vulva. On the other hand, I was caressing her anus, exploring the insides with my other hand. Both her holes were now stuffed.

Sonal: Please stop, Jaan. I can’t concentrate.

I wasn’t sure if she really meant it. She was now moving her bottom upwards in sync with my tongue thrusting inside, signaling me to go deeper.

Sonal: Oh, is that so? How did that happen?

Her vowels were becoming a bit more tonal now. She tried her best to masquerade the sexual tension in her pussy. I was hoping her friend would get it, but no, nothing happened. This is becoming more of a challenge than I had imagined.

I now pulled her legs on my shoulders, my head between them, and raised them up. I thrust my tongue as deep as it would go and curled it inside, touching her walls. I was rubbing my lips all over her pussy and sucking her juices out. I then laid her down again and stood beside her on the edge of the bed.

I took my cock out and started jerking it slowly in front of her. She looked at me with a pleading look. I pulled her head closer to me and started rubbing her cheeks and forehead with my cock.

In between, I would rub her lips while she was talking. It felt so mischievous cutting out her talk in between. She had to brush off my cock to continue with her conversation.

Sonal: Hmmm, yeah… I heard. Don’t work too hard, yaar.

Suddenly, I grabbed her head and thrust my cock into her mouth, muffling her voice. I moaned deeply. She took my cock out, stared at me angrily, and resumed her talk.

Sonal: No, there is no one…just the TV.  I was just saying we can do that next week or so.

This friend of hers must be some real noob, I thought. How on earth does she not realize something ain’t right here. Well, I figured, let’s have some more fun. I took her hand and placed it on my rock-hard cock. Sonal smiled at me.

Something tells me she was enjoying this as well. She looked at me and started jerking. This was better as she could talk normally. I moved my cock closer to her mouth, gesturing her to take it in her mouth. Sonal silently moved her lips to say “No.” Regardless, I continued to push my cock towards her.

Sonal: Hmmm…sure. How was it?

And when her friend started talking, she quickly took my cock back in her mouth and sucked it hard. She was trying her best not to make any slurping sounds.

With my cock in her mouth, she would just respond with short monosyllables, “mmm… hmm,” egging her friend to continue the banter. The fear of her friend realizing our sexual acts was making us both aroused.

Sonal: Rachita, let me get my headphones. My hands are hurting a bit. (saying that she muted the phone)

She held my cock with both her hands, squeezed it really hard, and bent my cock. It hurt a bit, and I screamed, “Ouch!”

Sonal: That’s for teasing me, you crazy fuck.

Me: I am not gonna stop, babe.

Sonal: Wait, let me get my headphones.

She walked to the table, found her bag, started rummaging her bag, and pulled out her earphones. She quickly put it on and unmuted the phone.

Sonal: “You there? Tell me more about what happened. (she resumed)

I walked straight behind her and moved her to face the table mirror. I pulled her towel down and started kneading her boobs. Sonal could see her tits getting mauled. She could see me kissing her neck and biting her shoulders.

Sonal screamed, “Aaaaaah,” and I thought that should have spilled the beans for sure. But damn, this girl is something.

Sonal: No, nothing, yaar. Just hit the stupid table corner, silly me. I am ok.

She reached behind and held my cock, rubbing it on her ass. I sat on the floor and got between her legs. Sonal held my head and pushed my mouth over her pussy. I started licking her good while she continued to move her pussy, grinding it against my lips.

It must be difficult to keep her conversation going with all this sexual teasing, but Sonal continued. She was piling up the sexual tension, staking em all up, preparing, waiting for her imminent release. She covered her mouth as best she could.

I got up, motioned her to bend over on the table, and got behind her. I leaned near to her ears and whispered, “I bet your friend will love to hear your moans.” Then I pulled her ass cheeks wide and inserted my throbbing cock inside her wet hole.

I could see her in the mirror, her mouth becoming a circle in ecstasy, and her breathing became heavy. I thrust her again and again, making her jump with each impact.

Sonal was choking as she spoke: That’s amazing, Rachita…no really. How did that happen?

I pulled my cock out. Sonal looked at me with a “What the fuck?” look. I smiled and lay down on the floor. My cock standing stiff vertical. I wanted to see her ride me as she spoke. It will be difficult, I imagined. She just ignored me!

Sonal: Really? I am feeling bad about missing it. Maybe next week.

I was jerking my cock while she was talking. She impaled herself on my cock and started grinding me to and fro slowly.

Sonal: Oh fuck! That sounds great.

She continued with her conversation and the ride for a good ten minutes. She was getting hornier by the minute and needed to release. I touched her clitoris and started thrusting my cock up her pussy.

She lay her hands on either side and started riding me up and down. She was shivering in heat, and I could tell she was close to cumming.

Sonal: Rachita, I think I am getting another call. I will call you after some time.

She disconnected and threw the phone. “You bastard. I will rip your cock off!” she screamed. She held my cock straight against her pussy and slid her pussy down on it. She moaned, riding me harder and faster, in long vertical movements, pumping myself into her to the max.

“Aah!” she moaned. She was riding me ferociously like a rag doll. I could sense the start of her orgasm. I could feel her pussy and knees trembling violently. She leaned forward, her hands on either side of mine and her boobs brushing against my chest.

She was biting her lips, and her eyes were rolled up. I held her boobs and started sucking her nipples tenderly. And soon she came, in rapid torrents; her pussy spasming, clamping my cock, sending her entire body into burst after burst of rapid convulsions.

On each wave, her pussy would tighten even harder around my rock-hard cock, jolting every single muscle of hers. She moaned, “Oh fuck! Motherfucker!” All the pent-up tension due to the teasing is now being released in full.

She lay there on my chest, flat out, breathing heavily. I could feel her heart pumping, her hot breath on my naked chest. The juices from her pussy drenching my cock and balls.

Me: Girl, you made some fine mess down there.

Sonal: Suits you right for being such an ass.

Me: Come on and give it a nice suck, babe.

She slid off me and held my cock. “Fuck, you are so hard, jaan. Let me help you out,” she said. She looked at me and started moving her fingers up and down my cock. “Hold it tight and jerk hard,” I said. She wrapped my cock properly and tightened her grip, jerking me nicely.

“Like this?” she asked. “Yes.” I moaned. After some time, I got up and sat on the edge of the bed. I started jerking my cock in full view. Sonal smiled and crawled to my front. “Think it needs a bit more,” I said.

Sonal pulled her tongue out and started licking the entire length of my cock. She pulled down my foreskin and started licking the frenulum. Her lips were around my dick. Then she took my cock inside slowly and started sucking just like she does best.

There is something so sensuous about Sonal when she sucks. Her eyes look dreamy, her pouting pink lips glistening my cock with saliva as they move up and down. Her cheekbones were clearly visible due to the suction. It’s all so fucking tantalizing.

She looks straight at me, enjoying the agony and pleasure she is causing. I held her hands firmly on the bed and motioned her to just use her mouth. She kept bobbing her head up and down as I thrust more of my cock into her wanting mouth.

Me: Babe… I am close…harder.

Sonal: Cum, you bastard. Spill your milk inside my mouth, quench my thirst.

I got up and pushed Sonal against the wall. She knelt down, and I pulled her hands up, pinning them against the wall. Then I started slapping her cheeks with my cock. Sonal kept her head straight, her mouth close to my cock. I plowed it into her mouth.

In a couple of minutes, I could feel my knees becoming weak and my balls churning. I started jizzing real good, my cum hitting the back of her mouth. Sonal gagged, choking my cum out. I could see my cum flowing down her lips. But she continued to suck and lick my cock inside her mouth.

“Ah, Sonal, don’t stop, please. keep sucking me, babe,” I moaned. I continued to thrust till I emptied my entire ball’s load inside her. My limp cock gradually slid away from her mouth.

I let go of her hands. Sonal looked at me, cupped her chin with her hands, and let the cum drool down her mouth and tongue into her palms slowly. It was the most sensuous thing I had ever seen.

Me: Damn girl, you are one crazy cum loving slut.

Sonal: It’s all your cock’s fault. (she smiled)

Sonal headed for the bathroom, and I followed her. She washed her face and rinsed her mouth.

Me: At this rate, I wonder what you will do next!

Sonal laughed: What do you think?

Me: Well, I think maybe next time, we can do a video call with Rachita. Let her see a bit.

Sonal looked surprised: I am not too sure how that will work out.

Me: Why not?

Sonal: Well, for starters, she is a big nerd. She never talks about sex. I mean never.

Me: Well, tell her about us. And that you were fucking when she was on the phone.

Sonal: Really? You’d be ok with that?

Me: Hell, yeah. I think it will be extra fun to have someone watch us making love.

Sonal took some time to think about it and finally agreed. I think a part of her actually wanted Rachita to hear us ravishing each other earlier. They are quite close, and this was the only secret she had been keeping from her friend.

She went to the bathroom, closed the door, and called her friend. I could hear Sonal’s muffled voice. She was telling us to have sex when she was on the phone was quite sexy. Sonal came back after some time with a poker face.

“So, how did it go?” I asked.

“Rachita was shocked when I told her,” said Sonal. “Oh, I see. It’s alright. She’s your friend.”

I tried to make Sonal relax. “But, looks like she wants to join in the video chat,” laughed Sonal. “What! That’s nice, Sonal,” I was surprised. Sonal told me that Rachita has to head somewhere for a bit. When she’s back, we can have the video call.

I was thrilled. “This is going to get interesting,” I thought.

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