Dream Sex With Sonal – Part 7 (Live Sex On WhatsApp Video Call)

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This story is part of a series:

I put the charger on Sonal’s phone and set it on the table, just far enough for the phone camera to cover the entire bed. We sat on the edge of the bed, facing the camera. Sonal made a WhatsApp video call to Rachita.

After a few rings, she picked the call. The three of us exchanged the usual pleasantries. Rachita looked stunning. She appeared to be in her mid-twenties and had glasses, a tad bit bigger than her tiny face can accommodate, I felt. She was smiling, and so were we.

Sonal: This is my friend, Rachita.

Rachita: Hi!

Me: It’s nice to see you finally. I hope you don’t feel awkward. We just want to have a chat.

Rachita: Ya, It’s a bit odd. But I think I am ok. (she giggled)

Me: Sonal tells me you’d like to see more?

Rachita was blushing and smiling

Sonal: It’s ok, Rachita. We are all friends. There is nothing to hide.

Me: I must say, you look gorgeous.

Sonal: So Rachita, let me show you.

Sonal told me to stand up and then started to rub her hands on my fly.

Sonal: See the shape of his tool. It’s always hard.

She held it above my pants, pressing it a bit. Rachita could make out the contours of my cock, which was becoming quite hard already.

Sonal: Do you want to see more?

Rachita: Yes.

Sonal unzipped my pant and put her right hand inside, playing with my cock. She cupped my balls and held my cock tight.

Sonal: Oh, it’s hard already, Jaan. Is Rachita making you hard, Jaan?

Me: I think so, babe.

Sonal bent my cock against my pant, jutting it out. Rachita could see my tent rising and smiled. Sonal then pulled my cock out through my zipper, held it at the base, pointing it straight at Rachita. She started jerking me with the other hand.

Rachita couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She moved closer to her screen and held it in her hands. Her mouth opened in amazement, and we could hear her sigh. She couldn’t take her eyes away from it.

Sonal: Look, Jaan. I think Rachita likes what she sees. Think it’s a bit dry. Let me help with that.

She spat on my cock and started jerking harder on my cock. Sonal was pulling my foreskin all the way back, exposing the glistened glands, and then back up and again. I looked at Rachita, and our eyes met. I could see Rachita’s nipples standing out against her top.

Me: Take your top off, Rachita. Show me your cute nipples.

Rachita was a bit hesitant.

Sonal: Come on, girl. You saw his cock. It is only fair you return the favor.”

Rachita unwillingly took off her top and pulled her left breast out from her bra, just enough to show her nipple. Sonal pulled my pants and underwear down. She pulled me closer to the phone to give Rachita a closer look and started to jerk me even harder.

Rachita’s nipples looked really hard. She couldn’t see Sonal or my face, just Sonal’s hands jerking my cock close to the screen. And that relaxed her a bit. Rachita took her bra off and was now fully naked on the top.

Sonal: Jaan, you like what you see?

Me: Yes. Rachita, your boobs look amazing.

Sonal: What do you want to do, Jaan?

Me: Rachita, you are so hot. I want to shove my cock into your cute little mouth and fuck you till I fill it up with my warm cum.

This turned Sonal even more. She turned me around and started swallowing my cock. Rachita could see my cock thrusting hard into Sonal’s mouth from the side. “I bet you are already moist, Rachita,” said Sonal.

Rachita was in a powerful spell she couldn’t escape from. She reached below and started rubbing her panty against her clit, moaning with us. Sonal took my cock off her mouth and said, “Imagine you are sucking him, Rachita. Feel his hardness inside your mouth.”

Rachita darted her tongue out in excitement. The two girls were driving me crazy.

Me: Oh, Sonal, I can’t hold it, babe, suck me harder. I am gonna cum.

Sonal knew I was close. She could feel the familiar tension in my cock and slid her tongue around the glans. And just as my cock was about to burst, Sonal took my cock out, pointed it close to the screen of her phone, almost touching it, and jerked me a few times.

I could see Rachita’s eyes glaring at my cock, smacking her lips in expectation. It was fucking too much. I shot a wad of cum on the screen, and then another and then another. “Aah,” I groaned. Rachita could see the white cum splashing onto the screen, dripping down. She moaned.

Sonal wiped some of the cum off the screen with her other hand and took my cock into her mouth again, sucking me clean. She swallowed as much as she could and then started licking the cum off her phone’s screen. Rachita could see Sonal’s cum drenched tongue licking on the screen.

Rachita: Awww, Sonal, you are licking his cum!

Sonal: Salted caramel babe, irresistible! (she moaned)

I fell on the edge of the bed, my legs on the floor. Sonal continued to suck and tug me for a good minute and then went to the bathroom to clean up. I pulled up a pillow under my head and relaxed. I could see Rachita lying on her bed with her perky breasts. She pulled her t-shirt from the bed.

Me: Please don’t do that.

Rachita: Don’t do what?

Me: Don’t put the t-shirt back and hide those gorgeous pair of melons.

Rachita covered her tits with the t-shirt. She was a bit shy, I felt.

Me: I usually try not to cum too soon. But I couldn’t hold it anymore today.

Rachita: Hmm, it felt a bit weird. I have never seen a hard penis this way. It looks scary.

Me: It’s nothing to be scared of. It was hard for you.

I smiled. Rachita smiled innocently.

Me: You have a lovely figure. I wonder how your pussy looks like.

Rachita smiled again.

Me: Can you move the phone closer down there? Let me take a peek, please.

Rachita was a bit perplexed about the request. But she obliged. She pulled her knees up and spread her skirt wide enough to reveal her undersides. She moved her phone down slowly to her lower area. I could see her white panties.

Me: Nice! Your panty looks wet. Let me see what under.

Rachita hesitated, but just for a bit. She pulled a pillow in front of her on the bed and placed her cell against it. She raised her legs straight up and gently pulled the white panties off. God, I could see her ass crack and a bit of her pussy. She put her hands on her underside and just smiled.

Me: Come on, Rachita, you are killing me. Let me see a bit, please.

Rachita: Let’s wait for Sonal.

Me: She’s gonna be in the bathroom for a bit, and I am already getting hard.

Rachita looked at my cock, which was standing hard in excitement now. She kept looking at it and was excited that she was making me hard so quickly. She slowly removed her hands and opened her legs wide.

I could see her clean-shaven vagina, her labia a bit reddish, pouting, definitely moist. My eyes were glued to it. I held my cock at the base, letting Rachita take a closer look. My cock was getting harder, bigger by the minute.

Me: I wish I could shove my cock inside you now, Rachita.

Rachita blushed. She was really enjoying the effect she was having on me. She reached down and pulled her labia to the sides, exposing her wet vagina, and started to touch herself down there. And fuck, it was getting hot; my cock was her bitch now.

The way Rachita’s eyes were scanning my cock, it almost felt like she was visually licking it, rubbing herself on me all over. I pointed my hard cock at Rachita and slowly pulled my foreskin back all the way, revealing the glands. Rachita moaned deeply.

Me: Oh, Rachita. You love this, aren’t ya?

Rachita: Hmmm.

Me: How I fucking wish I could shove this all the way inside your sweet vagina. And keep sliding in and out of your pussy as long as you need. And then, just before it cums, I will place it inside your mouth and shoot all of my cum deep inside your throat.

Rachita: Oh! (she bit her tongue)

Me: See, this is what I will do inside your vagina.

Saying that, I started jerking my cock up and down, letting her imagine the movement it will make inside her. While we were both occupied with our actions, Sonal returned from the bathroom. She saw my hard cock, and Rachita sprawled all naked and rubbing her pussy.

Sonal: It looks like you two are getting along very well.

Me: Sonal, your friend is one hot bitch.

Sonal: “And to think I never knew it. You look all wet, Rachita. His hard cock is making you horny, sweetie?

Rachita: Yes.

Sonal: Let me help the poor guy.

Sonal held my cock and started jerking me faster.

Sonal: Go hard, Rachita. I can see you want to cum.

Rachita was moaning and shivering all over. I could see her tummy and breasts heaving. She was now fingering her vagina, spreading her knees even wider, raising her pussy up as if her finger was a dick. She could see my hardness growing even more in Sonal’s hand.

Sonal rubbed my balls tenderly, just about the area between the balls where it meets the cock. She spat saliva on the area and continued to massage the sensitive area. My cock was in desperate need of a pussy to dissipate the tension that had built up in the last thirty minutes.

The more she massaged, the more my cock continued to rise up. She pulled my balls down, and that pulled my cock, springing it vertically, pointing to the roof.

Sonal: Rachita, imagine he is eating your pussy, his tongue darting everywhere inside.

Saying that, Sonal slowly sat on my mouth, rubbing her pussy all over my lips. I pulled her ass cheeks wide and started licking her, inserting my tongue inside her vagina and tenderly sucking her clitoris. Sonal and Rachita both moaned.

Rachita: Please suck his penis again, Sonal.

And the next instant, Sonal took my cock in her mouth, swallowing it, moving her head up and down. We were in a passionately 69 position, and Rachita saw it all. Rachita was going harder on her pussy.

I could imagine she must be desperate for a release herself. She spread her pussy wide with one hand, and with the other, she was trying her best to pleasure herself.

Rachita: I am soo wet. (she moaned)

Sonal: Rachita, you are going to fuck him now, ride his rock-hard cock as hard as you can.

Rachita: Oh, please, let me fuck him.

Sonal turned around, spit on my cock, and positioned herself on top of it. She held my cock and started rubbing her pussy lips with it, back and forth.

Sonal: Rachita, you are going to take his big cock inside you now. Slowly, you are going to push yourself down, sucking every inch of his long shaft inside you gradually, feeling every bit of the penetration.

And saying so, Sonal moved a bit forward so that Rachita could see her pussy lips. Sonal held my cock and slapped it against her ass cheeks. She then started bucking her ass-backward, impaling herself on my long cock.

Rachita could see Sonal’s pussy lips spreading, engulfing the tip of my cock, disappearing inside Sonal’s vagina. Inch by inch, Sonal pushed herself on my cock. Rachita could see the tension on Sonal’s ass cheeks, the stiffening of her thighs.

She could see my toes curling, my hands-on Sonal’s hips, pushing her down. She could feel the intensity of the sexual action unfolding right in front of her, almost as if she was fucking me. And she translated the feeling onto her fingers, sliding in and out her pussy, syncing her movement with ours.

Sonal continued riding me real good, screwing me slowly but using her pussy muscles expertly to squeeze it real tight. After a series of hard poundings, Rachita could see some white sticky liquid oozing out of Sonal’s pussy and dripping down my cock. Our pre-cum was flowing freely.

Sonal: He is going to make you cum, Rachita. Yes, keep going harder. He is going to shoot all his cum deep inside you. (she moaned)

Rachita had never felt the strange sensations in her pussy like this before. She was going berserk, jerking herself harder than ever before.

Sonal: You see how it’s penetrating you, Rachita. You can feel it throbbing inside you, your pussy wrapping it for what it’s worth, squeezing, milking it ever so tightly.

Rachita: Oh, Sonal fuck him harder.

Sonal was banging me really hard now. The fact that Rachita was watching us do it heightened the pleasure a lot more, exciting us all in order of magnitudes unimaginable.

Our juices were flowing down a lot more now, glistening in the light of the room. My cock was pulsating so much, Rachita could see it pumping and stiffen.

Me: Oh, babe, I am cumming!

Sonal: Me too, Jaan. Cum inside me, Jaan, shoot it all the way inside me.

She moaned. And my cock spasmed, spurting white thick goo inside her. Rachita could see my cock inflate and deflate as waves of cum flowed out from my balls. Sonal was hit with her orgasm just a couple of seconds after.

She looked at me, eyes and mouth wide open, moaning in ecstasy. Her face contorted as waves after waves of pleasure exploded inside her vagina. She continued to pump harder than ever.

Sonal: Oh Jaan, I am cumming. (she screamed)

Sonal was riding so hard and fast, my cock popped right out of her pussy. It continued to spurt, like a water hose swaying wildly, spraying my cum everywhere over Sonal’s ass and the edge of the bed.

Rachita was fixated on my cock. Her eyeballs following the eruption from my cock as it flip-flopped everywhere. “Oh babe,” moaned Sonal as she reached back and put it right in, riding me again.

“Oh, I love it, JaanYou are tearing my pussy apart. Fill me up with your molten lava. Come on, keep spilling it all inside me,” moaned Sonal. And she continued to milk me, riding me up and down, again and again.

Rachita was desperately trying to relieve herself with her fingers as best as she could. She closed her eyes as she felt getting closer to her own climax. She moaned and cried. Everything around her disappeared.

All Rachita could think of was the vision of my thick cock thrusting deep into her tight wet vagina, stretching, pumping, filling it hard with unending streams of cum. All that mattered now was the raging storm inside her.

The space around her was constricting, squeezing into a single speck of dust deep inside her vagina. And then a tiny spark, setting off a series of violent explosions, rapturing her vaginal veins, the palpitations spreading everywhere from her groins.

Her orgasm leaves her stiff and motionless as it captures her entire body in a relentless fit of shuddering ecstasy. “Aah,” screamed Rachita.

I could hear her screams intertwined with her heavy breathing. She was completely lost in her orgasm, shaking, shivering, clasping her vagina with both her hands, squeezing her thighs hard together as she curved to the side.

At that moment, I would have done anything to fuck her brains out.  And then an eerie silence as the three of us lay flat out in our beds, panting, letting the last of our sexual quivers pass. It was an amazing chat and live video call sex.

And then Sonal made the best suggestion of the day. “Fuck your weekend party, Rachita! Book the next available flight and come over here.”

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