A Dream Fantasy Hoping To Turn Into Reality

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My name is Anand (name changed). I am 21 years old and live in Bangalore and desperate to lose my virginity. So as you can expect this is a fantasy story. I hope some horny girl or aunty might get lucky taking my virginity. You won’t believe that I did not even kiss a girl until now. So I am a desperate youngster.

So coming to my story. I had recently attended the DJ snake concert where I went stoned with my college friends. Then I was lost in the crowd alone and totally high. I did not know what to do. I tried finding my friends and tried and tried. I was really pissed at myself.

So I just mixed in the crowd and let the music flow through me. I was so high that I was touching other girls boobs, rubbing my dick on other girls. I knew that it was wrong. But I couldn’t resist the gorgeous girls with short skirts, cleavages, navels around me.

Finally, I was so high that I put my arm around another girl. But she was also drunk and due to the music, she also did not notice it. Then my horny guy kicked in and we both started enjoying each other. She suddenly noticed that some stranger put a hand on her and turned towards me.

I did not know what to do and was silent and stunned. So I got an idea and opened up a joint from my pocket and offered it to her. By seeing that she was shocked and amazed. We light up and smoked some puffs and she was totally high.

I started to touch her lightly and she was enjoying it. I took this as a green signal and slowly moved my hands into her half t-shirt. She was enjoying it and slowly I pressed her boobs. Then I pinched her nipples and she let out a moan. Now I started to dry hump her from the back.

She also was teasing me by putting her hand in my shirt and caught my dick from my pants. A sudden chill passed through me and I turned her face towards me and kissed her. Our lips first touched and then our tongues, and then we exchanged our saliva.

We kissed for 4-5 minutes and broke the kiss because some guy pushed her onto me. Then I took a tight hug and we kept hugging and jumping to the music. We parted and I could see the lust in her eyes and she could in mine. My high was coming down. I had 2-3 joints left and took another one.

She said let’s not smoke here in the crowd. Let’s go somewhere outside where there are fewer people. I agreed and we came out of the crowd and started smoking and playing with each other. She was teasing me holding my dick and I was pressing her boobs.

Then I opened my zip she said not here as we might get caught. So we both went outside the concert to a dark place. I started kissing her wildly and she was too. She bit my lips and it was just amazing with the pain and lust. Then some strangers passed by and we were afraid that we might get caught.

But the lust in both of us was not fulfilled. So we booked a cab to the city and kissed through the whole ride. Then the cab guy dropped us and I booked an Oyo room which was nearby. We both were walking. I was teasing her and she was letting out some moans.

We completed another joint before entering the room and we both were fucking high. Then we finally arrived at the room and we started kissing each other and fell on the bed. I started undressing her. I removed her t-shirt. She wore a black bra. I was kissing over the bra and playing with her boobs.

She was enjoying it and my hands playing with her pussy. She slowly undressed my pants and started stroking my dick. I wanted to make it sexier and enjoy her body as I was still high. I started to lick her neck, then boobs navel and finally undressed her panties and shorts.

I started to lick her pussy like there was no tomorrow. She was yelling,” Ah baby come.” And I found her g- spot and she started shivering. She couldn’t control and started holding my hair tightly and cummed in my mouth. Next, it was her turn to return the favor.

She knelt and took my dick in her mouth. She started blowing me and I was in cloud nine. She started to play with my balls. I couldn’t control anymore and cummed in her mouth. She took it completely. Then it was time for my heavy dick into her pussy.

I started to tease her by rubbing it against her pussy. She couldn’t control anymore and said, “Please insert it I can’t wait anymore.” So I finally inserted it in and it was a little tight. After inserting half I put my complete dick in a single go. Slowly I started fucking her.

She was letting out moans and it was making me more crazy and horny. I started to increase my pace and she said that she wanted to come on top. So we were now in a cowgirl position and she was riding me. I was pressing her boobs. Her eyes were closed and she was biting her lips. What an amazing view!

Then I wanted to try the doggy style and she agreed. Then I inserted my dick while she was in the position and the whole room was filled with the sound of her moans. Finally, both of us cummed and fell on the bed while cuddling and hugging. I did not know when I slept.

In the morning I woke up and my queen was sleeping beside me. I gave a peck on her cheeks and then kissed her lips. Then she woke up and started to respond. We had another great session in the morning and bid goodbye.

Till this day I will remember that amazing night.

I guess most of you won’t believe that I am still a virgin without even kissing. But this is the truth and I am desperate to lose it to a lovely queen. I live in Bangalore and my email is [email protected]

I read a lot of ISS stories in which some readers want to get laid and hope I too get a reply. Fingers crossed.

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