The Doctor Series – Arshiya Gets Her Full Physical Examination

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This story is part of a series:

Authors note: The doctor series is completely based on medical fetish fantasies. We would have different girls with different doctors throughout our series.

This is the story of a young girl, Arshiya, and a pervert gynecologist doctor. She visited him for her mandatory full body check up, one of her college’s joining formalities.

The doctor is a 36-year-old gynecologist originally from India but staying in London for the past 20 years. He is a panel doctor for one of the London based college. He loved his job as he used to get young girls. He used to get them undressed and fully nude on the pretext of examination.

After a long time doctor had an appointment with an Indian girl. He was excited to have Arshiya, 22 years old, from India. She had moved to London for her post-graduation.

Arshiya is a very shy and introverted girl. But, she had a hot body with a very fair skin tone. Her body flesh was at the right places, which gave her pretty big boobs, big wide butts and, a curvy waist.

She was very concerned about her body hygiene. She always made sure to wax and remove all the unwanted body hairs. She had a clean body with no strand of hair on the body.

She has long black hairs, big eyes, an oval face shape, big boobs with medium-sized pinkish nipples and dark pinkish areolas. Her pussy is fluffy, and her labia was a little pinkish.

The doctor was always fond of Indian girls. He was eager to have his hands on Arshiya. Her appointment was scheduled for Saturday morning.

As per the procedure, Arshiya was waiting for him inside his examination room. But this time, the doctor had asked his nurse to make the candidate undressed completely before he would step in. As instructed, the nurse asked Arshiya to take off her clothes, including her bra and panty.

Arshiya was reluctant to do so, but finally, she agreed. After a lot of hesitation, she took off her burgundy color top, followed by pulling out her black jeans. The nurse requested her to take off the inners, too. She assured her it was completely normal for candidates to get unclothed. This is a full physical.

Arshiya slowly pulled her black bra’s straps, first the left one, followed by the right one. Unhooked her bra and dropped it off onto the desk. Then, with a lot of hesitation, she pulled her brown ultra-thin lacy panty down to her knees and took them off.

Arshiya was naked with only earrings, a watch on her right wrist and bracelet left, a thin gold chain in the neck, and black wedges. She was covering her body with her left palm on her vagina and right palm covering her left boob and forearm, hiding her right nipple.

Arshiya was looking for a gown, and even the nurse couldn’t find any. The doctor, as per his plan, had taken away all the unused gowns from his cabin. He wanted Arshiya to be completely nude when he steps into his cabin. The nurse asked Arshiya to wait, and she would get a gown for her.

The doctor stepped inside his cabin and greeted her, “Good morning, Miss Arshiya.” He wanted the innocent Arshiya to get flustered as she was fully stripped. Arshiya was offended and ashamed to see a middle-aged male doctor entering the room when she is totally stripped.

She never thought that she would meet the doctor in this condition. She took her panty and top from the desk in a hurry and covered her boobs with the panty. She placed the top over her belly to hide her pussy.

The doctor walked towards his desk. Arshiya couldn’t talk and froze as she was embarrassed about being naked.

Doctor: Arshiya, where is your paper gown? The nurse did not give it to wear?

She: Doctor, there were no gowns, and the nurse went to get it.

The doctor sat in his chair and asked her to sit beside his chair. She kept covering her self with panty and top and slowly moved towards the stool. She shivered as she placed her buttocks on the stool. The stool was chilled as the room was fully air-conditioned, and no one had sat on it for long hours.

Doctor: I’m extremely sorry, Arshiya. I understand stool might be chilled. Give it a few minutes. It would be fine.

She crossed her legs and sat on the stool, with panty on her boobs and top on her thighs.

Doctor: The nurse should have checked for the gown before asking you to get undressed.

Arshiya, couldn’t speak anything, but she looked at the doctor. Her face turned red due to this awkward situation.

Doctor: I hope the nurse would be getting a gown for you, meanwhile. Let me gather a few of your details. I have an email from your college with a few of the details.

She: ok, doctor. (she moved her wide and round ass cheeks on the steel stool ).

Doctor: Arshiya, your age? And do you have any health issues? Or have you been hospitalized in the past 3 years?

She: Doctor, I’m 22. I have not been hospitalized. I keep getting cold often, and I don’t have any other issues related to my health.

She answered it in one go, thinking when the nurse would bring her the gown. The poor girl didn’t know that doctor instructed the nurse not to come back again.

Doctor: Arshiya, so I hope you know? The procedure of full physical examination?

She pushed her big boobs more upward and held them tight. She was feeling cold, and her feet had already frozen.

She: Yes, doctor, but I was expecting a female doctor would be doing my check-up.

Doctor: I’m really sorry, Arshiya. But there is no compulsion that you should have a female doctor.

Arshiya was feeling shy and thinking about assigning a male doctor for a full physical of a young girl.

Doctor: I understand you’re not comfortable, but look, I’m a doctor. I have been doing a physical examination of female candidates for the past five years, just relax.

Arshiya wanted to ask when she would get a gown. Meanwhile, the doctor asked her to stand up and move towards the deck table. So, that he can start her check-up. She was upset as she has never been naked in front of anyone.

Arshiya had fucked her boyfriend twice, but that too by lifting her skirt up and keeping the lights off. So this was her first time to be completely nude in front of someone and, that too, a male.

The doctor sensed she was totally embarrassed and couldn’t speak or move. He loved all this, and this is how he wanted it to be.

Doctor: Arshiya, you can wear your panty till the nurse gets you a gown.

She was a little relieved, but again she was thinking about how she could wear it in front of the doctor. The room had no curtains or change rooms. She turned her back to the doctor, sitting on the stool, and stood up after a lot of hesitation.

She held her top in her mouth, and she quickly slipped up her panty into her legs and pulled it up. Her panty only covered one-fourth part of her ass cheeks, and in front, it had appropriate covering her full vagina.

Arshiya felt as if she had won the miss universe crown when she covered her body’s lower part with panty. She covered her breast by holding the top over them and turned towards the doctor.

Doctor: Arshiya, let me start by checking your vitals.

Doctor asked her to stand near the deck chair as he took the stethoscope and asked her to move her tresses to the front. She moved her hair’s to the front as the doctor placed the chilled stethoscope on her bareback.

Arshiya trembled and moved forward, but the doctor held her by her arm. He checked her lungs thoroughly by asking her to take deep breaths and coughing in-between.

Doctor: Arshiya, can you please keep the top down so that I can listen to your heart?

Arshiya knew that she could no longer cover her body. She thought about why she joined this college and put herself in this situation. She placed the top on the deck chair but tried her best to cover the breast with one hand.

It was impossible to cover her big boobs. She could cover only her nipples and a little part of her boobs. The doctor placed the stethoscope on her chest’s right side, then the middle and left, and asked her to drop her hand down.

She knew this was coming, and she finally dropped her hand down. Now the doctor had a complete view of beautiful and sexy big boobs. He placed the stethoscope between her breast and then moved it to the upper side of her left breast and then below the right breast.

Doctor: Arshiya, can you please lift your left breast upward and hold it.

Arshiya did as instructed. She cupped her left boob and moved it up as the doctor placed the stethoscope and started listening to her heart.

Arshiya wanted to get this done, as early as possible, to get her clothes back. The doctor took off his stethoscope. Before she could again take her top, he took the top and put it on the stand.

Doctor: Arshiya, I would be checking your stomach and abdomen. So can you please lie down on the deck chair?

She lay down on the deck chair after removing her footwear, with her both hands holding her boobs. The doctor walked onto the other side of the deck chair and asked her to move her hands. He would be checking her pulse and instructed her to tilt her neck towards the left.

Arshiya moved her hands and tilted her head as the doctor checked her pulse on the neck than just above her stomach and in the ankle.

Doctor: Arshiya, please spread your legs. I would be checking your pulse in the groin area.

She: But doctor, even there?

She spread her legs and didn’t want to look at the doctor. She was feeling humiliated. The doctor placed his finger on the groin’s left side by pushing the crotch aside and did the same on the right side. Then asked her to sleep on her left side.

Once she lay in that position, the doctor placed his hand under her left breast, pushed it up, and felt the heart. Arshiya didn’t expect that doctor would hold her breast as he didn’t tell before putting his hand over there.

Doctor: Arshiya, not get straight. I would be moving your panty a little down as I’m going to check your abdomen. If you feel any discomfort and pain during it, kindly let me know.

He didn’t wait for her approval and slipped his fingers on both sides of the panty. He asked her to lift her hips up and pulled them down.

Her pussy region was partially exposed. The doctor checked her stomach and abdomen by palpating and pressing the region fully with both hands.

Doctor: Arshiya, I feel your tummy is a little full. Do you have bowel moments regularly? And is your stool hard?

Arshiya never expected a male doctor would ask about her bowel movements. But this question was required as once gut play’s a vital role in keeping their body healthy.

She: Yes, doctor. I get regular bowel movements, and it’s not hard.

Doctor: That’s good to know. I would be giving you a couple of vitamin shots and a flu shot. Please like down on your tummy and pull your panties down.

Arshiya lay on her tummy, and she moved her panty down by an inch. But the doctor pulled it below her ass.

Doctor: Arshiya, be in the position I will be preparing the injection.

Arshiya was now lying on the deck chair, upside-down with her fat butt cheeks completely exposed. Her breast getting squeezed between the chair and her body. After a couple of minutes, the doctor walked towards Arshiya and sat on the chair beside her.

Doctor: Arshiya, I ran out of vitamin shots. The nurse would be getting that. You kindly remain in position.

Arshiya was thinking, what the fuck is this? He wants her to lie down with her butts completely exposed. She was feeling shy, as he was sitting near to her face. There was a knock on the door, and the doctor asked to come in.

Doctor: Hey, doctor, thanks for bringing the injections. If you don’t mind, can you please administer to Arshiya a couple of vitamin shots?

Arshiya was shocked that it was a male doctor and not a female nurse. She was abusing the doctor internally for playing with her helpless situation. She didn’t want to move from the deck chair and covered her face with her hand.

She turned her head towards the left side as both the doctors were on her right side.

Another doctor: Did you take her temperature? As you know, after giving flu shots, the temperature may elevate.

Doctor: Thanks for reminding me that. Let me get the thermometers.

Another doctor: Arshiya, can you take off the panties. I need to measure your body temperature.

Arshiya felt like crying and didn’t understand why she has to take off her panty for temperature. Before she could ask anything the, other doctor had pulled the panties till her knees.

Doctor: Arshiya, relax (the doctor had his hand on her lower back). I understand you might be confused and feeling uncomfortable.

Arshiya was staring at the doctor. Meanwhile, the other doctor pulled off her brown panties from her feet and handed them to the doctor.

Now, poor Arshiya was unclad in front of two middle-aged men that too in a new country. The only things on her body were few accessories and thick black thread tied to her left ankle.

Doctor: Arshiya, this is a complete physical examination. I would prefer to take your temperature from three places.

Arshiya was looking at the doctor. He was sitting on the chair, beside her face with her panty in his hand

Doctor: First, it’s taken from your mouth that’s ‘Oral temperature.’ Second, it is taken from your anal cavity that’s ‘Rectal temperature.’ The final one is called ‘Vaginal temperature.’

Arshiya nodded her head cause she understood there is nothing in her hands. She has to follow what this doctor would ask her to do.

Doctor: Arshiya, now that you’re clear. Kindly turn and lie down on your left side and pull up your right knees to your chest.

She turned towards her left and made sure her breast is not exposed by covering it with her left hand. The doctor placed his hand on her bareback and gave a gentle rub.

Doctor: I know you’re not comfortable, but it’s just a matter of time, Arshiya, and we will be done.

She slowly pulled her right leg towards her chest, as the other doctor was ready with two thermometers.

Another doctor: Arshiya, I would first insert one into your vagina and the next into your rectum.

Doctor: Before you proceed, please apply some lube onto her rectum.

Arshiya never had thought, even in her worst nightmare, that she would have to face such a humiliation. The other doctor tried spreading her right ass cheek with a thermometer in his hand but failed.

Another doctor: Doctor, can you please help spread her ass cheek?

He patted on her ass cheek. The doctor moved closer to her ass and spread her ass cheek using the fingers. The other doctor, who had his gloves on, with lube on one of his fingers, touched her anus. Arshiya shivered, as no one has touched her there ever.

Another doctor: Relax, Arshiya. Doctor, Arshiya is really fragile.

Doctor: Arshiya, the doctor is just lubricating your opening so that thermometer can slide in easily.

The other doctor started rubbing her anal hole and applied lube gel to the other two thermometers also.

Another doctor: Arshiya, I’m inserting the thermometer into your vagina.

The other doctor pushed one thermometer into her vagina, and then he pushed the other one into her anal hole. Both the thermometers remained pushed almost 5cm into her holes.

Doctor: Take this in you’re mouth.

The doctor gave her the thermometer into her mouth, and she was holding it.

Doctor: It will take around 2-3 minutes for the reading to show up.

Arshiya was lying on the chair like a peeled potato, defenseless and completely exposed to two men. She was helpless, ashamed, and blaming herself for coming abroad.

The doctor took the thermometer out of her mouth. The other doctor took out both the thermometers from her anal hole and pussy.

Doctor: Temperatures look normal, Arshiya here is your panty. You can wear it now.

Arshiya took the brown panty from the doctor and wore it as quickly as she can.

Another doctor: Doctor, you can give her the flu shot in her arm now.

Arshiya was not that fearful of taking the shot as she sat on the deck chair. The doctor gave her the first shot into her arm.

Doctor: Arshiya, can you stand against the gyno chair so that doctor can give you the remaining shots?

Arshiya was terrified that they will give her a shot by making her stand. With no choice, she walked towards the gyno chair. Her ass swayed as she walked in brown panties with high heels placing both hands over her breast.

Another doctor: Arshiya, please bend over your elbows.

She leaned over the gyno chair, and her boobs were hanging, and she held them with one hand. Another doctor pulled her panties down to her thighs, she quickly covered her ass cheeks with one hand.

She: Doctor, please, I’m feeling shy and uncomfortable.

She was about to cry. The doctor patted on her butt cheeks by holding her hand away and assured her that it’s just a matter of a few minutes. Finally, she took the two vitamin shots, one on each ass, and the other doctor left the room.

Doctor: Arshiya, sit on the deck chair. I would be examining your breast.

She knew this would be done in full physical. But didn’t expect a male doctor would do this that to making her sit topless with only panties on. She got on the deck chair as the doctor sat in front of her. He asked her to keep the left hand at the back of her head.

Doctor: I’m going to examine your left breast than the other one. If you feel any pain or discomfort, do let me.

Actually, Arshiya always loved getting her tits pressed by her boyfriend as this doesn’t require taking off the clothes. It was a turn-on for her. The doctor started examining her left breast by holding the base with one hand and pressing it from the upside.

He was checking it in a circular motion covering the complete breast. Arshiya was getting a little wet between her legs. She loved how his hands examined her boobs, covering every inch of her big breast.

She: Doctor, sometimes I have pain in the upper part of my left breast.

Doctor: Arshiya, that can be due to the tight bra. Your breasts are heavy, and it’s quite difficult for your spine to hold them.

Her face turned red in embarrassment and shame as the doctor pointed at her breast size. Later, the doctor checked her right breast in the same way as the left one. Now held both her boobs from the base and pushed them up, and gave a squeeze.

Doctor: Arshiya, now I’m going to check you’re nipples.

The doctor started stroking the nipples of her right breast. He kept looking at them keenly as they turned hard. Then, he held the nipple between his index and thumb finger, gave a hard squeeze, and pulled them.

Arshiya closed her eyes and slowly moaned. She loved how her boobs were getting groped, which made her horny. She could sense wetness between her legs and panty getting moist.

The doctor continued the same on her left breast and then cupped both her boobs from behind, squeezed them together, and told her it’s fine.

She: Doctor, are we done? Can I wear my clothes?

Doctor: Not yet, Arshiya. We need to check you’re lower body. But before that, I’ll give you a breast massage, as you told me about the pain in the breast.

Arshiya was now caught in her own words. She was getting a massage because she told regarding breast pain. She was worried now that wetness inside her pussy could get worst during the massage. It would be impossible for her tiny ultra-thin brown panty to hide her inhibition.

The doctor took the massage gel. He asked Arshiya to pull her legs up on the deck chair, get on her knees, and lean forward. Arshiya was feeling nervous but was equally excited to get a breast massage.

She moved up and got in the position as asked by the doctor. As she leaned forward, her two big boobs were hanging. Even the doctor’s dick turned hard, looking at those extremely big juicy boobs and erected nipples.

The doctor sat on his chair. Arshiya was leaning in front of him on her knees and took both her hands’ support by placing them on the deck chair. The doctor squeezed out some gel directly on her hanging left boob.

He started spreading it all over her fleshy boob and then started massaging the breast with both hands. Arshiya was feeling shy but equally enjoying it. The doctor kept moving his hands and fondling and squeezing them. He then pulled her boob downward, held her breast in one hand, and started to shake them.

Doctor: Arshiya, is it pleasant? If you feel any pain, let me know.

Arshiya just smiled as she was getting horny and wet. She knew it was just a matter of time for her, and she would get totally wet.

The doctor now begins to move his finger on her left breast areolae and starts stroking the nipple. The stroking of the nipple made her more excited. He moved on to her right boob and started massaging this one too, and stroked her right nipple.

Arshiya tried her best not to get aroused and started thinking he is a doctor and not her boyfriend. The doctor leaned towards her boobs, placed both of his hands on her boobs. He started tapping them with his fingers and holding her boobs from either side and lifted them.

Arshiya could sense now that her ultrathin brown panties were completely soaked by her cunt juices.

Stay tuned to know what’s in store for our dear Arshiya.

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