Discovered Ammi’s Slutty Side

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Hello readers. I hope you remember me. I’m Sarfaraz Khan, a 24-year-old male. I’ve written almost 30 stories of various genres. Those who haven’t read have missed many things. Kindly read it here and do tell your feedback. I believe sex should always be consensual and never be forced upon a woman.

I also submit stories given by my readers with my own added spice and make a hot story out of it. So this story was given by one of my readers. His name was Altaf from Bangalore. He pressurized me to publish this story under my name, and hence I’m doing. So coming to his story as usual in his own words.

Hello everyone myself Altaf, a 23-year-old boy from a middle-class family from Bangalore. I work in a finance company as an agent, and I have an elder brother who works in a shop. Ours is not so rich, not so poor family. We have access to all basic amenities.

Now coming to the main character of the story, my mom (Ammi). Her name is Tabassum, age 45. Let me describe her. By looks, she’s a typical housewife – a bit on the fair side and a little chubby. She had flesh at proper places like a married woman has.

I never thought anything bad on her (I swear) until this happened.

Ammi’s simple routine was very much usual. Waking up, making breakfast for us, then washing clothes, watching some TV shows. Then again, a small nap in the afternoon.

I forgot to tell you about my dad (Abbu). He works in a factory as an accountant. He usually leaves early and comes back around 7 pm every day. I go to work, and so does brother. So Ammi stays alone most of the time.

We had our home in a quite decent neighborhood, with all good houses around. We have never been declined any help if we needed it.

Now coming to the actual incident that happened. It was a Thursday, as I remember. I, as usual, finished breakfast and left with my brother. Dad, too, left with us on his bike. But as I reached my company, there was some lockout because of workers protest. They told me that I had no work today.

I thought of going somewhere with friends. But the summer heat wanted me to go home and take a long nap. I reached my home around 11 am. It was the usual silent neighborhood, that is. The sun was in maximum heat, and nobody preferred to sneak outdoors.

I simply removed my footwear outside and gently knocked on the main door. I thought Ammi would be in the hall. I didn’t get any response with 2-3 gentle knocks. Then I noticed a man’s footwear. I was surprised as to who was inside the house with the main door locked.

If it was some sales guy, the door must be open. My mind raced and smelt something fishy. I left the main door and went around my house compound. We had a single-storied house with 2 bedrooms. I passed into my and brother’s room. It was empty, and so was the kitchen.

I then noticed the curtains were drawn in my parents’ room. I got curious. Was dad back? No. They were definitely not dad’s slippers. I walked to the window, one cell was open, but the curtain was drawn. I gently put my hand inside the grill and pushed off the corner part of the curtain.

I sat down on the ground and gently peeped inside the room. I got the shock of my life. It was my Ammi Tabassum she was in only her blouse and petticoat speaking to a man. I couldn’t see his face as he was sitting on the edge of the bed facing her. I was pretty sure he wasn’t dad.

Oh no! Was she having an affair? I stopped my mind from thinking further and continued peeping. I could hear their speech feebly.

Man: Tabassum, kya aj bhi periods mein hai? Kal ke tarah? ( Do you have periods today, also like yesterday?)

Ammi: Nahi, kal ruk gaye aj aram hai. (No, they have stopped.)

Ammi had her hands in that man’s hands. He turned sideways to look at the time, then I recognized him. He was Afzal’s uncle, my neighbor. What the hell was he doing here. My instinct was angry and pleasure both. I wanted to continue seeing. He took Ammi’s hand and kissed it.

Afzal: Period nahi tho chalo chalu karte hai? (If you are not on periods, let’s begin.)

Ammi: Hmmm, kya time hua hai? Oh 11:30 theek hai kar lenge ek bar. (What’s the time? 11:30, let’s do once only.)

Now Ammi and he moved a little closer to the bed and started kissing each other. Ah, Ammi was looking so lusty I had never imagined. Afzal’s uncle took Ammi’s lips in his and sucked like candy. Ammi was ruffling his hair. Now, after kissing, he told Ammi to unhook her blouse by pointing at her boobs.

She obeyed like a wife and started unhooking her blouse. Ah, her bra-covered boobs sprang up. My eyes watched in awe as he went behind and unclasped Ammi’s black bra.

Ah, her boobs were out now. I couldn’t believe how beautiful and huge they were โ€“ a little saggy but perfect dome-shaped with large black areolas. My dick was throbbing like hell. Now he started taking each boob in his mouth and started sucking them, making a puch puch sound.

He was sucking like a vacuum. Ammi was again holding his head and caressing his hair. Now, uncle removed his track pant, and he didn’t have underwear. I couldn’t see his dick as he stood facing Ammi. Ammi took her hands towards it and casually started playing.

Now, uncle stood up and held Ammi by her shoulder. She obeyed without a word and started going down. I saw the cock the first time. It was about 7-8 inches and a little dark, as was Afzal’s dark complexion. Gosh! What’s she going to do to it now? My heart was beating so loud.

Ammi was squatting on the floor. I couldn’t believe my homely mom could be this kinky. Now, uncle coolly held Ammi by her head, and she started sucking him. I was rock-hard watching Ammi that way. She was blowing quite well. He was holding her hair and head for grip and enjoying the blowjob closing eyes.

Ammi had only her petticoat on. I saw her huge ass, which became wider on squatting. After about 10 minutes, uncle stopped and said something. Ammi laid down on her back in her bed. Uncle took off his shirt too and climbed on her.

He spat some saliva on his dick and pointed into Ammi’s vagina, and started inserting his dick. The expression on Ammi’s face was priceless. She opened her mouth wide and again closed with partially closed eyes. He began riding her with fast hard strokes.

He was using one hand to support her pelvis and the other hand to maul her boobs. Ammi was closing eyes and hugging tightly with legs wrapped around. Seeing her like that made me ejaculate on the wall itself. I continued watching. Now, uncle removed his cock from pussy and said something.

Ammi got up and turned back on her all fours. What a magnificent ass she had! Uncle now stood up on the bed and, like an animal, climbed on my Ammi’s back and started riding her under him. He was moving very fast. He was groping Ammi’s ass in between and slapping gently.

After some full speed, he collapsed on Ammi. I guess he must have cummed inside her. He laid like that only for some time on Ammi’s back. After some time, both cleaned up and dressed themselves up. Both exchanged smiles and a hug.

Ammi was back in her homely attire. Nobody could guess what had happened a few minutes ago. She opened the door, and uncle left. I quietly sneaked back outside. That was my shocking experience about my Ammi’s illicit affair.

So people, if you liked his story kindly tell me, I’ll convey him. He strictly told me not to give his mail id, so don’t ask me. I would love to hear anyone with such stories can mail me at [email protected]. Goodbye.

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