Consensual Sex – From Her Diary

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He was holding her hand like he wouldn’t let go. My heart fluttered, and I was probably blushing. Still, I had to see the foreplay in their consensual sex. He moved her hair aside and touched his face to her neck, but he didn’t kiss her. I realized suddenly that my pinkie finger was flicking my clit.

As soon as I saw what he was actually doing, I got goosebumps all over my arms. He smelt her body odor from the sweat on her sexy nape.

It started last December during New Year’s Eve party. There was something about him that pulled me like a strong magnet – oodles of confidence, squeaky clean hair, and naughty eyes. I’m a hopeless romantic, and he was my perfect crush.

My name is Ridhima, and I live in Garden Reach, a relatively posh area of West Kolkata. I’m 19 years old. Its sounds like a very young age, but I’m blessed with a well-endowed woman’s body. I’m quite tall for a Bengali girl, five feet six inches, and very white-skinned.

Due to my natural genes, I have big brown eyes and thick dark hair that I’ve grown till mid-back. My mom never allowed me to style my hair (and lose its thickness). My thick Pantene hair is always in a bunt cut and combed to one side to flaunt my long neck.

Since starting college, I’ve controlled my sugar cravings to maintain a narrow 25-inch waist. Although I do a lot of cycling in the gym, my hip is slightly rounded and around 34 inches. I feel like my bust is still growing, but at present, it’s 34c, so I keep playing with push-up bras and padded ones.

Boys started proposing to me as soon as I joined college. Most of them were useless. But I finally accepted my school friend Rajat as a bf, without a serious commitment, of course. He was cute but not the prince of my dreams back then.

Rajat was tall with a good cock, but he was too nervous about making love. We had sex on my birthday last year, but he was scared of someone catching us in the act. He finished in 2 minutes and literally ran away. Since that time, my hunger has kept increasing as I had yet to get experience my hottest fuck session.

I use a rubber floor dick every night to kneel down and ride. I just close my eyes and imagine myself fucking my prince charming. The six inches long rubber toy attaches to the floor with a suction cup. Then I simply take it into my pussy and pat my hood with my fingers while jerking in and out.

Though my strokes are not as fast as I need, I’m practicing to get better at the cowgirl position. From the time I lost virginity, I’ve felt sexy all over my body. My entire skin is an exogenous zone.

I wish Rajat would touch my waist, maybe kiss my stomach or at least hold my hand like Nagesh dada holds his wife’s hand.  Once I told Rajat that I’ve seen men hold their woman’s hands but ended up making him more insecure. Rajat felt I’m comparing him with some alpha male and shied away.

But my desire keeps increasing day by day. Recently my mom took me with her to get my body waxed and eyebrows sharpened. Since then, I feel aroused even when I touch my smooth curves, arms, or stomach.

To top it, I had my belly button pierced for my last birthday. Just the feeling of metal on my skin keeps me wet all the time.

Ever since I saw Nageshda’s foreplay, I’ve craved for male touch. I feel like my man should take me for a pleasure trip without asking. He should hold my hand and do things that are beyond my imagination. I need to feel someone’s hairy chest on my soft breasts and strong legs between my milky thighs.

That day it was Holi. We had an informal party at the clubhouse. It was for adults only and at their own risk. Dry colors or ‘gulaal’ were allowed. People were not touching hands to faces but putting the color on clothes. I dressed up my old pink chudidar-kurta that was a bit tight.

The sleeveless kurta had become tight around my chest and pushed out my titties to show a good amount of cleavage. I wore light makeup with ‘Kajal’ and eye shadow. Then I put on sandals with 3-inch heels and went to the clubhouse.

Rajat came and hugged me tightly. He applied colors to my face and boobs. I spotted Nagesh and tried to distance myself from Rajat. I had to look available so that Nagesh could approach me. I had carefully made a French braid to expose my fair neck, but Rajat had put color on it.

There was only one way to stop Rajat’s advances, which was to fuck him first. Once his energy is spent, he wouldn’t try to mount me. So I started by checking his erection with my ass. His tool was ready for action, and I knew at this stage his mind would be numb.

I called him inside the clubhouse into the kitchen area. The lights were off because the staff was on leave that day. We kissed as usual for a good 5 minutes. Though he can’t control his ejaculation, Rajat is a good kisser.

I let him take charge of my mouth then pointed his face to my boobs to have my tits sucked. He had started grinding his crotch on my hip and dry humping me while kissing my neck. I wiggled out of his embrace before he jizzed inside his pants. If I’d come this far, I wanted to experience his penetration at least.

We selected a dark spot where a pile of rice bags was kept. I whispered to him, “Baby, did you bring rubber?” He proudly pulled out a condom from his pocket. Without wasting time, I bent and gave a quick suck and rolled the condom on his strong cock.

If only he was more experienced, that cock would serve me multiple orgasms, I thought. I loosened my pajama and sat on the rice bag, facing Rajat. Rajat squeezed my bums and slapped them, and started massaging my pussy. “I am ready,” I said and lifted my legs to let him know that I was already wet.

He supported my thighs and plunged his prick into my tight hole, then started pumping slowly. I took a deep breath at the sudden insertion but didn’t make any sound. Rajat was already bending down on my neck, smelling and kissing lightly. It was a sure sign that he was about to cum.

He brushed his face in my hair. I turned my head and offered him my lips. As soon as we smooched, Rajat started shivering. His eyes closed, and he released his warm load. I let him pull out slowly along with the filled condom. We sat down and smooched for some more time, then went out one by one.

I was in luck. Nagesh’s wife took the kids and left while he was still at the gazebo with a beer in his hand. We were on talking terms, not complete strangers, so I approached him with my cutest smile.

“Happy Holi,” I said and gave him a light hug. He was a bit surprised but took full advantage of the situation. “Happy Holi Ridhi,” he said, feeding me a piece of ‘barfi’ and gave me a kiss on my cheek with a strong side hug.

I asked for a Breezer and tied my ‘chunni’ on my narrow waist. Now my cleavage was clearly visible for anyone to see. Nagesh joked, “Someone may put ‘gulaal,’ it can go inside your dress.” I replied suggestively, “It’s ok, dada, Holi hai.”

Nag: Call me Nag.

Ridhi: Be careful, those kids…

I caught his shirt as a bunch of kids chased each other with watercolors. He held me behind his back with his hand feeling up my ass nicely and covered up by saying:

Nag: Don’t worry, you’re safe with me.

Ridhi: But you’re not

I took some dry yellow color in both hands, rubbed it on his cheeks, and then slid my palms inside his shirt. Nag was looking for a moment like this. He grabbed the chance and turned around to put ‘gulaal’ on my boobs. I simply closed my eyes and raised my hands to surrender.

The next second I felt his hands all over my boobs, feeling every inch as he put soft pink powder on them. I was thrilled and smiling, but the act was over too soon.

Ridhi: I can’t go home like this. I have to wash first.

Nag: Use the changing room shower. I’ll get you a towel

So I went to the changing room and took off my kurta to wash my boobs. Nag came a few minutes later and kept some stuff on the bench.

Nag: I got my wife’s t-shirt and shorts for you.

Ridhi: Can you open my braid?

I opened the shower door and stood with my back to him. Nag came and started playing with my thick silky hair. It took him a while to figure out the French braid, but he enjoyed it very much. I took a back step to bump into him with my soft ass and immediately said sorry.

He had a full erection, almost as big as Rajat’s. I had made it obvious, so It was his turn to do something. Finally, finger combing my hair, he said:

Nag: Here you go, shall I scrub your back? There’s color.

Ridhi: Oh yes, can you please?

I almost turned around to tease him with a sneak peek of my naked boobs but turned back again. Nag started rubbing soap on my back, and then I spoke.

Ridhi: Take off your shirt, or it will get wet.

Nag: Thanks, I almost forgot.

I stole a quick glance as he took off his shirt and threw it on the bench. He wasn’t exactly ripped, but his chest was flat, and he had flat abs – a well-maintained body for a 35-year-old man. I was dying to touch my fanny but restrained myself.

Ridhi: Sorry, it feels odd with the door open. Can you come inside and close it
Nag: yeah, I’ll take off my jeans too, just don’t look back

I took off my pajama and saw Nag’s hairy legs behind me. Now it was only a matter of minutes before he would go out of control and fuck me.  He mumbled something about color and started applying soap to my booty.

I couldn’t take it anymore and gave a rub on my clit with my middle finger. He held my shoulders and started turning me to face him.

Nag: Just checking if the pink color is washed.

Ridhi: Umm, wash again with your hands.

I stood with closed eyes as the hot shower fell on my back. Nag took his time to examine my breast cones with both hands and tease my nipples with his thumbs. He rubbed his hands all the way down to the curve of my waist and around my hip. I felt a sweet pain as he bit the sun tattoo on my left arm.

Now no words were spoken, and he took control of my entire body. I was expecting a romantic kiss. But I got a sweet surprise when I felt his hand between my legs. First, he washed my shaved mound with his palm, gently massaging the soap inside the crack.

Then he took a sprayer and went all the way in with water jets. Before I could stop gasping with my mouth open, I felt something slithering in and out, but it wasn’t a finger. It was the first time I received oral sex with a tongue. The feeling on my clit was heavenly. I tried to grab Nag’s short hair with my fingers.

The next minute he stood up and turned me around, placing my hands on the shower pipe. Then he made me bend down with my legs wide apart. My heartbeat increased as I thought he might fuck me in the ass. But he just parted my ass cheeks and checked with his palm for my small cunt opening.

Then positioning his cock, he smoothly inserted in a single deep stroke. I turned my head with my mouth open for a kiss, but he simply squeezed my lips with his fingers. Nag banged me till I reached climax. It was my first real climax with a man. Then he kissed me and put his cum on my face when he got his orgasm.

After that day, we kept sexting and going for quickies till one day, his wife left home for the weekend. I told my folks that I would spend that weekend with my girlfriend but went to stay with Nag.

We fucked 8 times from Friday evening till Sunday afternoon. Nag gave me the best love bite ever as a parting gift. I was determined to get his sweet cock and enjoyed every second of his lovemaking. Hope Rajat won’t mind my consensual sex if he marries me and doesn’t become an overzealous husband.

I closed the diary and smiled. I’m Rajat, and I did marry her after 6 years. She is one hot woman who has given me full sexual bliss.

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