Asha’s Multi-Flavored 2nd Honeymoon – Part 2

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Alleppey trip was getting more exciting with every passing hour.

I wanted things to happen my way. So I called Hari, “We will shift tomorrow morning, so find a new place soon.”

Hari sent few pics on my phone. After looking into pics, I again called Hari and said, “Hari, my wife wants to see the place physically before we move there.”

Hari, Sir, I am just 15 minutes away from your hotel. I will reach soon and take both of you to the place.”

I finished the call.

Asha, “What are you planning?”

Me, “I haven’t planned anything yet, but do just what I say. Don’t get confused. Just get dressed.”

Asha wore her low waist skinny jeans and tight fit short white shirt. I wanted her to wear a short dress. But I didn’t say anything just because the jeans she was wearing were extremely low. At least 3-4 inches below her navel with a view of the strings of her black bikini.

The short-fitted white shirt was also just up to her navel. And that was enough to drip saliva out of someone’s mouth.

After she dressed, I said, “You wait for him in the hotel’s waiting room. When he calls me, I will tell him that you will go with him to select the place. You ask Hari to consider the hotel in which he has personal contact with staff. Try to consider a small, less tourist place. And 1 thing more, it will be better if the staff understands Hindi.”

Asha, “I am not getting at all what you are up to.”

Me, “Don’t think so much, go to the waiting room. He will reach anytime.”

As Asha reached the door, I said, “One more thing, while talking with him, he should feel that you are the boss. What you decide is final, and do invite him for dinner with us.”

Asha (looked at me with a smile), “You must have planned something very erotic.”

Me, “Not yet, it’s in the initial phase, you go with him. In the meantime, I will plan something special for the next 3 days.”

Asha, “Ok, bye.”

Me, “Bye. Keep teasing him. You see, it’s still raining.

She laughed and left. After 5 minutes, Hari called me. I told him that I was not coming, he could take Asha to choose the place. I can hear the joy in his voice. They left the place, and I again started planning for the next 3 days. I wanted everything as perfectly planned.

After 1 hour of thinking, my plan was prepared. The only thing needed to execute it was choosing the right place for the next 3 days. At 9:00, I went to the dining hall and ordered food for all 3. As soon as they reached for dinner, food also came.

I saw both of them, Hari was a little wet, but Asha’s shirt was wet and stuck to her body. Her black bikini bra and her cleavage were little visible. I asked Asha to change, but she replied, “It’s not feeling cold or itchy.” During dinner, we discussed just a bit about the resort.

After dinner, Hari left the place, and we returned to our room.

Me, “Have you finalized the resort?”

Asha (smiled), “Yes, but it’s not like a resort.” Asha showed me pics.

Asha, “It’s Hari’s friend Farooq’s place, it has only 3 rooms. The place is small, but it’s within 2 km of a beautiful beach. The rooms are very good and spacious. There is no restaurant or dining room. They order from a nearby restaurant. Only one room is occupied there. They might also leave before noon tomorrow.”

Me, ” That’s good, and what about Hari.”

Asha (with her naughty smile), “What about him?”

Me, “You know what I mean.” Asha gave a shy smile.  Me, “Tell me, I am eager to listen. Did the rain god help out?”

Asha (again with a shy smile), “Hmmm….”

I pulled her towards myself, “I am dying to listen.”

Asha (with a glow in her eyes), “I walked towards car bit slowly in that heavy rain, my top was soaked in the rain. All my upper body was visible completely except my boobs. I sat on the back seat and pretended to search in mobile. During our travel, he was keeping an eye on my rain-soaked, almost naked upper body. We moved from one place to another in that rain, and each time I got wet. His friend’s resort was on the 3rd.

Though it wasn’t large, it suited the best per your instruction. In that place, I saw Hari more confident. 2-3 times, he held my arms and supported me by placing his hand on my back.”

Me, “Oh, I thought something more happened.”

Asha, “Were you expecting him to fuck me in that resort?”

Me, “No. Just expecting more touchy and something tricky from my Asha.”

Asha (with a smile), “In that case I think, I have something to tell you.”

Me, “Why are you playing with me? Tell me quickly.”

Asha, “While we were moving to the 2nd place, the parking area was full of muddy water. To cross the place, I requested him to give me a ride on his back. He did the same. My boobs were pressing hard on his back. Then after coming out of the place, he asked me to ride on his back.

But I declined, saying that I felt uncomfortable on his back and asked him to hold me from the front. After he agreed, I climbed over him with my legs encircling his waist and my arms over his shoulders. My one boob was touching his face.

He was holding me by keeping one hand on my back and the other under my butt. I reacted positively, and it gave him a lot of confidence. That’s why he held my arms and touched my waist on few occasions after that.

Me, “That’s awesome.”

I kissed Asha removed her shirt, jeans, and bikini. I pushed her on the bed and licked her pussy real hard. After a few minutes, I removed my shorts, inserted my semi-erect dick inside her pussy. I kept on fucking for 15 minutes.

My dick has no juices left. But the thought of Hari fucking my Asha kept me pumping hard. After releasing few drops of sperm in her pussy, I got tired and slept.

The next morning Hari sent a car to pick us. We left the hotel at 8:00 AM, and within half an hour we reached our new staying place. It was a pretty lonely place, with lots of coconut trees around. It wasn’t a resort but a duplex bungalow type with 2 rooms on the ground floor and just 1 room on the 1st floor.

When we reached reception, the well-built muscular guy greeted us.

Asha, ” Vikram, he is Farooq, Hari’s friend. He takes care of this place.” I said hi to him. Asha, “Where is Hari?”

Farooq, “Ma’am, he will reach within an hour.”

He called a guy named Adi from his staff. Farooq himself carried 2 bags, and the other guy carried 1. We went inside our 1st-floor room. It was a big room with a queen-sized bed, two easy chairs, a coffee table. It had a big window on the balcony side. I appreciated Asha’s choice.

Asha wanted to have a bath. So I visited the coconut plantation behind the resort. After half an hour, when I came back, I saw Hari’s car outside. I went to the reception, Adi was there. I asked about Hari and Farooq. He told me Hari and Farooq is your room.

I didn’t want to miss any action, so I quickly moved to the stairs. I reached the room door. The door was closed, but I could hear them. They were talking normal stuff. So, I walked in. Asha was sitting on the edge of the bed. Hari and Farooq were sitting on chairs.

Asha was wearing a black short chiffon kurti with hot pants. Her big cleavage was visible in her bikini bra inside her kurti. I came inside and also had a decent normal talk with them. But after my entry, they became a bit reluctant to look towards Asha. A few minutes later, they went.

After they left, Asha, “Don’t you think you came a bit early and ruined their moment?”

Me, “I wanted to see them stare at my beautiful wife’s figure, but they left so soon.”

Asha, “You are a fool, we have just reached here, and you think they will stare me in front of you.”

Me, “Ok, ok. I got it.”

Asha, “Be patient, let them believe that this is my normal style. I don’t care people looking at me.”

After that, we had breakfast and left for the day’s trip. Asha wore her normal low waist tight jeans with her full panty brand strap showing and a short noodle strap top. As usual, she was wearing bangles, mangalsutra, sindoor, bindi, and payal. It made her look like a normal modern Hindu bride.

We drove to a nearby market to buy some local items. It was quite humid, and we were sweating like hell. And walking in the street made my delicate darling tired. We had lunch in the market. Hari asked us to go to a nearby beach, but Asha declined as she wanted to rest. We reached back to the hotel.

Asha to Hari and Farooq, “Is this type of weather common during these days?” Hari, “No, it was a bit hotter today.” Asha and I started walking towards the stairs.

Asha (in Hindi), “Aaj to itna humid tha ki poocho nahi. Ek to ab jeans nahi pehenni yahan aur ye bra aur panty se to aur bhi suffocation ho rahi hai.” (It was so hot in the market. I won’t wear jeans anymore here, even bra and panty were feeling so suffocating.)

Hearing out words Hari and Farooq spoke something in Malayalam. We went in, both of us took a bath. I changed into shorts and a vest. Asha changed to her blue nighty without anything underneath and went to sleep. Around 6, I woke up. Asha was still sleeping.

I dressed in T-shirt and Capri, held my camera, and took a walk towards the nearby beach. I reached the room at 7:30. Asha opened the door and smiled.

Me, “My wife’s naughty smile, what happened?”

Asha smiled and said, “Tell me how I am looking.” I looked at her from top to bottom. She was in the same nighty. Her boobs and nipples were visible through the translucent upper part of the nighty. I said, “hot and sexy.”

Asha again gave a naughty smile and said, “I was also feeling the same when Farooq came here to serve me tea at 6:30.”

Me, “He saw you like this? For how long?”

Asha, “I asked him to bring his tea also, as I hate having tea alone.”

Me, “You naughty girl. That means at least 10-15 minutes of unobstructed view of my sexy wife’s sexy figure.”

Asha, “Almost half an hour.”

Me, “That’s a huge amount of eye tonic for him. He would have gone straight to his room to jerk off.” We both laughed.

Asha, “Let’s tease him more. Just watch.” Asha called reception and asked Farooq to bring tea for me. 15 minutes later, Farooq arrived. Asha was still in the same dress.

Farooq, “Where is Sir?”

Asha, “He is in the bathroom.”

This sentence gave him a boost. From the bathroom, I watched him trying to get a glimpse of my wife Asha’s boobs. Asha was not showing any discomfort. Within the next 1-2 minutes, his eyes became more focused on her boobs.

After 2 minutes more, I opened the bathroom door more with noise. The sound broke his concentration. He said hello to me and left. Asha locked the door, looked towards me, smiled, and blinked her eyes.

Me, “You know how to tease a man more than anyone.” I kissed Asha, pulled her top, pushed her on the bed. I removed her panty and kissed her whole body. Asha was looking very happy with my improved sexual instincts.

We went for a 69 position. I licked her pussy deeply. She took my whole dick in her mouth. Her cock sucking skills made my cock super hard. As I was about to cum, I said, “I am about to cum.”

Asha increased her speed. I released my sperm with a burst in her mouth. She swallowed every drop and kept licking my cock. Now it was my turn. I opened Asha’s asshole for the first time, licked it deep, and finger fucked her pussy. Asha started shivering as she was closing to her climax.

She climaxed with her whole body shaking. Asha, “It’s the honeymoon I wanted. I never asked you to lick my asshole. But today, you did it, and you did it great.”

Me, “Does it feel great when I licked your asshole?”

Asha, “Great? It feels unexplainable. The most wonderful thing in life.”

Me, “Then I also want to experience.”

Asha laughed, “I never licked anyone’s asshole.”

Me, “Neither did I, but I did for you.”

Asha licked my asshole from outside.

Me, “Do it as I did.”

Asha again laughed, “No, not at all.”

Me, “Why not? I did it for you.”

Asha, “But I never asked you to do it. You did it because you felt like doing this.”

Me, “Ok, it doesn’t matter.”

When Farooq brought dinner, Asha was lying on the bed on her back. Her legs were towards the full-size mirror attached to the almirah. She was reading something on her mobile. When Farooq entered the room and was serving the food, Asha unwaveringly turned towards him to talk.

That turn gave Farooq a good view of her nipples and boobs. But due to that turning, a reflection of Asha’s naked round beautiful buttock was now visible to Farooq and me from 2 different angles.

But as Asha was talking to him and I was there, he could not get a good view of Asha’s assets. He looked towards me from the corner of his eye. I pretended to be more focused on my mobile. I forwarded a WhatsApp message to Asha.

I told her to zero her mobile volume, stop talking to Farooq and look towards mobile without changing position. Asha looked at me. I insisted she looks at her mobile. At the same time, I made a WhatsApp video call to her. Farooq, her, and the mirror were in the frame.

As soon as Asha saw it, she started enjoying it. Now both Asha and me busy on the mobile. Farooq’s focus shifted towards the mirror. It took him full 10 minutes to set the plate and serve the dinner. After he left, we laughed.

Asha laughingly, “I didn’t do it purposely.”

I came near her, kissed and said, “I know.”

Asha, “And when did you see that.”

Me, “Both of us saw at the same time when you turned towards him.”

Asha smiled.

Me, “He will be feeling very lucky after watching my wife’s sexy ass.”

Asha blushed.

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