10 Best Sex Stories Of February 2019

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Hundreds of new Indian sex stories are added on ISS every month and finding the most erotic ones can be a difficult thing. So, let’s make your job easier! Here is the 10 latest and best sex stories published in the month February, 2019. These hot tales are finely written by some of the best authors to give you that amazing horny feeling.

1. Son Seduces And Fucks His Innocent Mom

By incestloveryash

When my mom comes to know know about my dad’s affair, she throws him out. I slowly seduce and try to fuck my innocent mom and she starts to yield to my desire.

“I used to take mom for dinners and used to talk freely to her. One day, mom said that she felt very sorry because I used to spend all the time with her instead of getting a girlfriend. I said that I was doing this because I loved her and also if she felt guilty, then she should assume that she is my girlfriend for now. Mom blushed and I took advantage of it and kissed her on her cheeks. She remained silent for some time and as it was time to sleep, we went to the bed.

That night’s hug was different and it felt like mom was responding. This time she faced me and I hugged her from the front and fulfilled my childhood wish. I put my hands on her waist and legs on her legs. I went very close that my dick was touching mom’s pussy. I kept my face near her mouth and this time and without guilt, I felt her breath.” Read the entire story here.

2. My Horny Incest Family

By Sexybitch143bitch

Read how a son started fucking his horny and sex starved mom and how that led to many unexpected turns in his life with the help of his mother.

“Then I bent over and started to smooch her. Mom responded and within no time, our tongues were fighting. Then I shifted to her right boob and started biting her nipple. Mom was moaning with pain this time.

Slowly, I started moving my hand towards her pussy. I kept my hand over mom’s pantie and she shivered. Then I slowly pulled down her pantie. Mom was stroking my dick as I was already naked.

Slowly, I went down and started to lick her pussy. She moaned. My dad must have never licked her pussy. Mom held my hair and pushed me towards her pussy. I licked her pussy for almost 15 minutes. In the end, she shivered violently and I understood that she was about to come. I increased my speed and drank all her cum.” Read the complete story here.

3. A Marriage Function

By xrahulsx

When mom and I went to one of our relative’s wedding, we ended up with our first night of fucking each other. We have been enjoying ever since that time.

“One day, I realized masturbation is not the real pleasure and a woman pussy is a real pleasure. I wanted a real pussy madly. One day, we went to our relative’s wedding in Kovai, in our car. I met many young girls in the marriage they are all my relatives.

I had the glance of many aunties blouse covered boobs, hips and was excited. This made me had and masturbated. I and my mom share the same room during that marriage. On the marriage day, my mom took bath and came out of the attached bathroom only in her towel wrapped around her boobs.

This is the first time I saw her only in a towel. My mom asked me to take bath soon and went to the bathroom, the site of my mom made me masturbate. I tried hard to avoid thinking my mom while masturbation but failed and I masturbated thinking her. I took bath and I was feeling guilty.”Read the full story here.

4. My Mother’s Second Marriage – Part 2 (Family Fuck!)

By Fuccksucck

Read how my slutty mother and her rich new husband enjoy each other and how our fucking family had a new member who was an even bigger and hotter slut!

“Tina came to my mother and removed her strap. She put all the Sindoor liquid on her naked body and gave her a smooch and said, “Apne pati ka lund gand main leke griha pravesh karo. Tumhare pairo k peeche unke pairo ke nishaan hone chahiye. Aur us dewaar pe tumhare boobe k nishaan hone chahiye.”

My mom blushed. She held Sharad’s dick, it was hard already. He bent mom and put his dick in her ass. Mom let out a moan, Aaahhhhh!!”. They were very fascinated by this and he kept pumping her and then pressed her on the wall and fucked her.” Read the complete story here.

5. Fucking My Tenant’s Hot Wife Again!

By treatyoassnice

Read how I fucked my tenant’s hot wife again while her husband was away. We made out passionately and she was fucked in doggy and missionary.

“The day finally came. I went over to my tenant’s apartment and knocked. My tenant’s hot wife opened the door in a beautiful suit with a tight fitting. Jesus, I went numb! I just went in and closed the door behind me. I held her real tight and close to me and said, “I am gonna fuck the shit outta you today.” She giggled and blushed. I kissed her, pressed her boobs, picked her up and laid on top of her on the sofa while still making out.

I undressed my tenant’s wife and kissed her from top to bottom. I was wearing my underwear while this hot milf was completely naked lying on the sofa. I held and bulge and rubbed it against her vagina. She was really teased by it.

I began kissing from boobs and went down, almost till the vagina but stopped there! Then I would kiss her on her inner thighs and again skipped the vagina! This made this married woman so hot and horny. She was dripping wet at the end of this.” Read the complete story here.

6. Screwing My Friend’s Beautiful And Drunk Daughter

By ecstasylove

This story describes my experience with the young beautiful daughter of my friend whom I screw after getting her drunk. I make this hot girl my sex toy.

“My friend’s daughter went inside and changed and came back. She was looking like a sex goddess now. She had tied her silky hair as a bun and my baniyan being a bit transparent, I could easily see her bra and huge boobs trapped in them! Sonia was wearing a black bra and her pantie was really small. My friend’s daughter looked so sexy.

Me: You sure are very beautiful.

Sonia: Oh Naresh, you don’t have to be so nice.

Me: I mean it. I mean, I would love to have you as my girlfriend.

Sonia: Haha… I am flattered.

We soon completed our 5th drink and the horny animal in me was now acting up. The urge to just hold my friend’s daughter and kiss her juicy lips was growing in me. I wanted to strip her and suck those soft melons. While I was thinking all this.” Read the story in full here.

7. My Mom Gangbanged By Angry Policemen

By Siri2005

Read how things turn out when me and my mom lodge a complaint against rude neighbour. The sub-inspector and constable gang bang my mom wildly at our house.

“My mom was still in rage and tried to assault the cop too! But the sub-inspector was quick, he caught her by her arms and pinned her down on the sofa. My mom’s blue saree had fallen off her chest. The sub-inspector could see her cleavage now and he stopped for a moment. Then he turned towards me and told me there was one more way to solve this. I asked him what it was.

He just bent down on my mom and tore her blouse open. Mom was wearing a white bra which was not enough to cover her big milky boobs. I couldn’t believe it. My mom was shocked too. I didn’t say anything as I didn’t want to pay the 25 lakh rupees. I acted as if I was so scared.

By the time my mom realised what was happening, the sub-inspector removed her black blouse fully. He then stripped my mom’s blue saree.” Read complete story here. 

8. My Naive Indian Mom Seduced By Cunning Uncle – Part 2

By dry.humper

An innocent housewife mom gets fucked by uncle and the son gets caught while watching their hot sex session. The son then makes deal with the cunning uncle.

“Mom tried to get up but uncle caught mom by her knees and lifted her legs. He then pushed her housecoat and petticoat up her waist. Mom tried to stop him but uncle quickly reached and pulled mom’s panties down completely. Mom tried to hide her nakedness but uncle was too strong and quick.

Uncle got down on his knees and pushed his face into my mom’s pussy. He started lapping at her pussy.

I was watching them from the side. I was not getting a proper view of mom’s pussy as mom’s petticoat was blocking my view but it was obvious that uncle was lapping mom’s pussy like a cat drinking his milk.” Read the full story here.

9. Hot Cum-Date With My Curvy Aunty!

By suryasenxxx

Weekend at my curvy aunty’s place turns into a hot date. Our aunt-nephew relationship changes into a husband-wife sexual relationship and I cum inside her.

“I and my horny aunty were wildly making out now, our tongues were overlapping and our saliva was swapping and mixing. My aunty sure knew how to make out. She was sucking my tongue and biting my lips.

I ripped her nighty open and grabbed her boobs and started pressing them. Aunty pulled my t-shirt out and started kissing my neck, chest, and abs. She licked and bit my nipple. I unhooked my aunty’s bra and released her beautiful melons. They were so soft and smooth, yet firm. I wildly started sucking on aunty’s one boob while squeezing the other. She was softly moaning with pleasure.” Read the entire story here.

10. Casual Texting Leads To Fucking My Sister’s Brains Out!

By Sparkray

An erotic story of a young brother who finds out some surprising truths from his hot sister which then leads to fucking the brains out of his horny sister.

“I was getting turned on even more. I replied, “That isn’t weird, I think you gonna love our dad’s dick. Judging by your looks and body, you must have a tight pussy”.

My sister took a few minutes to reply to this but she said, “Well, maybe. I get so turned on thinking about dad’s big dick entering my tight cunt. I am sorry, don’t mind my language”.

“Don’t worry, I don’t mind it. By the way, do you shave down there?”, I asked.

“Of course, brother. I keep it nice and smooth, my boyfriend like it that way”, my sister replied.

My dick was already oozing precum. “That sounds like an attractive pussy”, I said.

“Hahaha, thanks bro”, she replied.

The fact that she called me ‘bro’ turned me on so much.” Read this complete story here.

Hope you enjoyed this sensational collection of erotic tales of the previous month. Do let us know your most liked story through the comments section.

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